1. Both organisations are religious cults – based in so-called Christianity

2. Both organisations are steeped in the Black-Occult, (Black-arts) and involve secret rituals at All levels.

3. Both organisations publically propagate deceit and lies that they exist ‘for the good of all’ and are humanitarian/community based charity.

4. Both organisations are Secret Societies that are run like a corporation. Compartmentalised Hierarchical Structures giving information to their lower ‘subjects’ on a ‘need to know basis’.

5. Both organisations have compartments that do community based projects run by good people that genuinely wish to help others…….(the cover).

6. Both organisations have compartments that are involved in the design and implementation of the sexual abuse of children……….(the true agenda).

7. Both organisations have structures in place that when the realisation of child abuse by their perpetrators becomes public knowledge they will systematically be able to cover it up.

8. Both organisations are protected by the Police hierarchies as well as Military Intelligence. Part of their system of cover up is via, non-compliance to complaints , ‘pseudo’-incompetence, ‘loss’ of documents and witnesses statement’s and the Masonic Law that the issue’s will be dealt with ‘in house’… but they never are, as the abuse is fundamental to the organisations very existence!!

The main difference that exists between these two Secret Societies is that the Freemasons Cult is far better organised and equipped than the Catholic Cult at the design and implementation for child abuse and subsequent cover-ups.

It is also imperative for everyone to realise that these Secret Societies child abuse networks within both of these organisations are categorically instrumental to the powerful and evil integrity of their very structure.

These ritual child abuse networks are NOT off shoot ‘perk’s, of the sexual deviate’s in these organisations. They are fundamentally intrinsic to their very existence of Occult power and control over the masses.

This is a worldwide phenomenon – and it will Never………. ‘Just go away’.

It must be fully addressed – to be destroyed. It requires a plan. A Plan off action.

There is only the combination of two strategies that can and will destroy these Evil Satanic Secret-Society Child Abuse Rings:

1. The knowledge by a large number of people that these networks actually Do exist:

2. A plan of action to destroy these networks – once and for all!

I have the Knowledge and I also have the Plan…….…..to be continued

George Hardy Farquhar