PCFPC.org – Exposing Global Child Trafficking by Freemason Satanic Pedophile Networks for 22 Years

Australia is run by Freemason Child Trafficking Pedophiles.
These Include – ALL TOP Police, Politicians, Judiciary, Mainstream Media, Child ‘Protection’ Services
and Secret Military Intelligence (A.S.I.O.)
THE SOLUTION? – Mass Public Awareness and Military EXECUTION of ALL those Involved.


Must Watch Fundamental Overview

Q – The Plan to Save the World from Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking – via the COVID Vaccination Scam

8,000,000 Babies and Children Worldwide – Including 25,000 in Australia
‘Go Missing’ (Trafficked) Every Year
It Must STOP! – It Will STOP!

Read More – A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Must Watch Fundamental Overview

Covert Ops Rescue of Trafficked Children

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THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT… The Fall of the Cabal (Part 1 to 10) Documentary by award winning researcher Janet Ossebaard.
Watch “Part 1” on YouTube
The Fall of the Cabal (Full Video – 3 hours MUST WATCH!)

Karen Brewer – Exposes Scott Morrison and Australia’s Political Pedophiles
The very same Freemason Satanists that Run our Country!

Italian Police and Military Storm the Vatican City to Arrest Paedophile Cardinals

CIA Child Snuff Survivor Speaks Out on YouTube

Q – Overview

Is U.S. Military Intelligence – Once Controlled by the ‘Deep State’ Freemason Satanic Child Trafficking and Sacrifice Networks

NOW – Controlled by U.S. President Donald J Trump – Read More

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Global Child Trafficking Arrests and Executions

Exposing Global Child Trafficking

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Fiona Barnett

Child Sex Slave for Australia’s Political Pedophile Elite

“Politicians are introduced by a carefully graded set of criteria and situations that enable them to accept that their victims will be – “Our Little Secret”

McKenna Brothers - Archives

Australia’s Most Police Protected Pedophiles

Freemasonry – Satan’s Army - Videos

Black Witchcraft Child Abuse by Design

Freemasonry – Satan’s Army - Images

Black Witchcraft Child Abuse by Design

Satanic Child Abuse Images

All this Evil IS going on – but Thank God – it is ALL about to come to an end and ALL those involved will be behind bars till the Day they Die – or Executed!

VERY graphic Images of what these Evil Scum do to Children


This is what a Little Child looks like who has survived the Rape and Torture in a Satanic Ritual

This is what the ‘Self-confessed’ Black Witch – Hillary Clinton does to children…President Trump and his U.S. Military Intelligence Team has ALL the Evidence

All Hollywood are Freemasons. These people are sick. #Frazzledrip

This Hollywood Satanic Black Witch is about to be Exposed to the world for who she REALLY IS!

Epstein’s Pedophile List – There are Hundreds More of these well Known Satanist soon to be Exposed and Executed – including Prince Andrew and the Mass Murderer Bill Gates

This is Global Child Trafficking for Real

Adrenochrome Harvesting

The Blood of Children – A Billion Dollar Industry

Freemasonry Child Abuse by Design

How It Works – Images

All Global Child Traffickers will be Executed

Since his Inauguration, President Donald J Trump – (POTUS) and his Administration have signed more than 500,000 Executive Order (E.O.s) Indictments.

A Number of these Executive Orders are to Arrest and bring to trial ALL members of the Global Masonic Child Trafficking Cabal.

Also – President Trump has, (since late 2019) been and will continue to implement his Elite U.S. Military Forces to Free the Countless of Thousands of Children from the (Deep-State) Secret Military Underground Bases (D.U.M.B.s) which are used for the Adrenachrome Harvesting, Rape, Torture and Satanic Blood Sacrifice of Children Worldwide. Read More