In 1996, Kerrie Hawkins was raped, twice, by a NSW policeman, Senior Constable Tim Hill, from the Customer Services Unit (CSU), of the police Internal Affairs Division (NSW).

These rapes were facilitated by Goulburn NSW police, and covered up by a plethora of government men in NSW, including John Howard’s office (failed to act, failed to adequately investigate/prosecute); documents in writing with their names.

Ms Hawkins life was also threatened by Goulburn NSW police, who placed notes and gun bullets in her letter box, claiming, “people who make complaints about police don’t live very long.”

Ms Hawkins case is one in a long list of cases of shocking male political and govt. violence actioned against Australian women and children.


 Rape is a crime – Unless you are a Freemason

Tim HillLeft is a 20 year old Photograph of the NSW Police Officer S/C Tim Hill who repeatedly raped me in my own home, after he broke in back on Wednesday September 1996?

Both the NSW Ombudsman and the Police Integrity Commission know that S/C Tim Hill had raped me, as the following document prove.

It is now 2016 and both government agencies above, including many other Government departments have done nothing towards convicting him or even questing him.

No wonder rape victims commit suicide?