WWW.MACPC.ORG.AU Is an information portal on numerous clandestine government agendas to abuse children individually and en-masse, physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually.

To protect your children from harm:

Please inform yourself!

Unbeknown to the vast majority of the Australian population our corrupt government is presently accelerating a sinister plan implemented decades ago to abuse and harm our children.

The Objectives and Mission Statement of MACPC

The MACPC.org.au website has being created to inform All Martial Artists and All Warriors of Justice of the Clandestine Networks of Government Child Abuse in Australia, and of the crimes that are presently being enforced upon our children.

When we fully understand the sinister implications of what is ‘Really’ going on behind the collective pathological lies and deceit of our corrupt Health and Medical Deptpartments, Media, Politicians, Military intelligence, Justice System and Police then and only then will we be able to protect ourselves and our families.

Knowledge is Power. Please inform yourself of the Knowledge and Information in this website. When the information reaches critical mass throughout Australia the Clandestine Agenda of the Black Occult Secret Societies that control us though poisonous carcinogens (via Codex Alimentarius) in our food and drinking water supplies, Big-pharma ‘manufactured’ diseases and mandatory and enforced ‘mercury toxic’ vaccinations, this sinister agenda will automatically cease to exist – and the perpetrators brought to justice – BY US.

Legislation is presently being clandestinely implemented, upon anyone refusing mandatory vaccinations on their children. The children will be forceibly removed from the safety of their loving parents with the possibility of being infiltrated into High level Masonic Pedophile Rings via corrupt ‘Government Child Protection Programs’.

No More Lies – No More Deceit – No More Oppression – No More Child Abuse – EVER!

Self Knowledge is the Key to the Safety and Wellbeing of our Children

This abuse includes:

Mandatory Vaccinations – A Poisonous Carcinogen Cocktail to Destroy our Children’s Immune System, Nerve System and Brain Neurons

Total Eradication of Natural Medicines and Super-foods – To keep our children sick

Creation of more ‘manufactured’ fictitious diseases – To keep our children sick and profiteer the pharmaceutical and medical industries

Compiling of more poisonous and cancerous chemicals on G.M. mass produced foods – which the body will not eliminate therefore compound the toxicity toward more illness

Heavier doses of fluoride in our water supply – A carcinogen which also calcifies the pineal gland to dumb down the thinking processes.

The Out-law of anyone growing their own natural organic chemical-free foods – We will have to buy mass produced Genetically Modified ‘toxic government food’ – or starve

Enforced micro-chipping of children – From the day they are born to ‘monitor and manipulate’

In Australia, Legislation is presently being implemented – Any caring parents refusing to comply to the above ‘enforcements’ – Will be imprisoned and their child forcibly removed from their home to be under the ‘protection’ of government ‘careers’ – or worse. This has already happened in numerous cases in the U.S.A. Europe and Australia is next.

THAT IS NOT ALL! – Please inform yourself of these above issues and other sinister child abusing networks of a sexual nature – by those in power at the top of Government Intelligence, Politics, Justice and Police.

Self Knowledge is the Key to the Safety and Wellbeing of our Children

Investigate – Assimilate – Learn – Act