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• Katherine Doenau



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Thursday, 10 November 2011 11:12 PM

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Dear George

My name is Katherine Doenau I am a mother and a Registered Nurse I lost custody of my three daughters aged 4.6,and 15 on the 19th of October 2009 to my doctor husband over sexual abuse allegations related to my youngest daughter. My youngest daughter made a sexual abuse disclosure to the police and this is contained on a police video and is an open disclosure my estranged husband should be in jail and yet he was never even interviewed by the police. The only reason that he has custody is because of money power and corruption, and secret deals with the family court for mind experimentations to be carried out on at least my two younest children MKULTRA which uses Ritual Satanic Abuse. I have not stopped researching since I lost custody of my three daughters and I have uncovered a very evil operation being carried out in the faily court that is linked with the police and public mental health, these three government departemnts all collude together to protect this illegal immoral operation assisting a satanic pedophile ring to traffic and sexually abuse innocent children. This is why seventy fice percent of mothers who allege child sex abuse in the family court are loosing custody of their children and will not see their children again. I have no parents and unfortunately for me I discovered that the relatives that I do have are generational satanists all sounds very unbelievable but I assure you that it is the truth and I have almost been kidnapped several times while living under the same roof as these relatives before I found out what they really are. My mothers brother my uncle brian is a de la salle brother and in charge of boystown for Australia his name is Brian Cunningham his is in his late seventies. This uncle and his de la salle brother housemates became involved in my custody battle along with my Aunty who I discovered was not very catholic but rather a satanists. What happened is surreal but I discovered shortly after I lost custody that these de la salle brothers were actually very good friends of the judge who resided over my custody trial. I wont go into all the details but I have every reason to believe that my own uncle the de la salle brother in charge of boystown assisted my doctor husband with secret court deals that is seeing my children trafficked and satanically abused. I learned how this satanic illumanati pedophile ring communicates with their access codes, and how they are broadcasting live what they are doing to children over sateltie televison, I have seen it with my own eyes. There have been several attempts made on my life, I have been driven into the mental hosptial because of severe gangstalking that had me fearing for my life. Once in the mental hosptial the abuse and stalking has continued with the staff and patients joining in then giving me a false bogus psychatirc diagnosis so that I can never complain. I was taken to the mental hospital six weeks after I llost custody of my children by the police after hearing then seeing a man on the roof of my house camophlaged to look like a tree at 1am in the morning, two of my this as well, I have good reason to believe this was military police after all that has happened to me and there is a reason why they would have been there that I wont go into details about right now. When I was in the mental hosptial my husband took me back to court and the judge that gave him custody also gave him exclusive occupancy of my house taking all my belongings, stopped spousal maintenance, dismissed orders for paid for supervised time with my children. What I am saying is that when I got out of hospital ten weeks later I was not only childless, but homeless, possessionless even my clothes, and my identity as a human being taken away with a false psychatirc diagnosis, also I could not work as my nurses registration was suspeneded, not that I could have anyway. Two years has passed and I am not having contact with my children, my circumstances are noo better in fact they are worse my vehicle a four year old prado was stolen by crimminals who told me I was going to be murdered and said that I have the KISS OF THE MAFIA. The police did not carry out any kind of investigation into my stolen vehicle and after twelve months have deemed this a civil case because of a forged sigature of mine on a bill of sale for my vehicle. I have no access to the money from my marraige and my husband is being allowed to do every dispicable thing he can with the aid of the family court. I have been nable to get legal aid and have had to do all my own legal work for a new trial for this custody battle I had an appeal accepted and the judged was forced to resign. However this trial never makes it past the registrar and childrens lawyer who abuse process to stop this from being heard and I know why! I want to go public with all that has happened to me that continues to happen for telling the truth and exposing a pedophile doctor. I did not know that my husband was a freemason but I most certainly do know now and have been totallly terrorized by this cult with gangstalking. There is also an occupational health and safety notification about me that has resulted in gangstalking with people doing stupid hand signallying around me constantly. Every time I look like I am getting out of the gutter and having any kind of normal life this is taken away from me swiftely. Recently I was working in a busy medical centre with twelve doctors everythhing was fine,and then it was anything but fine I went and saw my children breaking court orders and my husband found out. Next thing the nurses registration board was contacted by public mental health with a notification saying that I was a danger to the general public that a warrant for my arrest had been issued for me to be returned to the mental hosptial. Then police and a public mental health worker turned up at the medical centre where I was working to take me to the mental hosptial thank god I was not there that day. All the doctors from the medical centre could not beleive what went on but that did not stop it, and now my nurses registration is suspened and I have to see a psychatirst for the nurses regsitration board and prove that I am mentally well enough to be able to practice as a nurse. I live in fear of this public mental health system that has destroyed my life and colludes with the family court, its what horror stories are made of. I have attached a strategy to stop child sexual abuse, that I wrote while being kept awake alll night by powere drills and hammering this is when the gangstalking started. This strategy explains what has happened to me since loosing custody of my children its headed under TREATMENT OF A WHISLTEBLOWER. My children are in urgent need of protection there is absolutely no point in me staying silenced however nobody weems to want to know about child sex abuse and especially about my babies who are waiting for their mother to rescue them. I have written over and over to every possible organisation I can think of and mostly never get a response. The police are involved in this satanic operation as well as gangstalking, I have seen them openely communicate with crimminals in front of me in relation to me which terrifed me to say the very least. However when the members of your own profession along with ambulance, and security guards all involve themselves in harrssement using stupid hand and coughing signals to you when you are known to them is beyond comprehension. I have no family , no home, no possessions, no vehicle but thankfully I have my own mind and luckily for me enough medical knowledge that enabled me to not allow the public mental system to brainwash me with the bogus daignosis. This is happening in Australia, I have even had dealing with secret pedophile police and police who were not police just actors,lying corrupted lawyers who took money form me but were working for my husband or the secret family court. I was set up with crimminals dealing in cocaine smugglying and illegal prostituition that were also mafia and satanic.My story needs to be told. Katherine.


Dear Katherine,

I am sorry for such a late reply to your very important case.

I am updating my new website soon and will link your documents.

I have not yet fully read your documented experiences,

but I can personally relate to what you say as regards Masonic involvement, gang-stalking,

Stitched up by Corrupt police, as well as high level mason judges,

incarcerated as paranoid schizophrenic, all for a good reason though.

Publicly exposing there paedophile rings in the UK.

I also intend to make a doco on these pedo-satanic networks, next year.

Please stay in touch, take care.

Kind regards, George