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Dear Committee Secretary

Please find attached a submission by Katherine Mary Doenau for Family Law Court proceedings that have awarded full custody of children to fathers when sexual abuse allegations have arisen during custody proceedings, Act 61DA “ A child has the right to a relationship with both parents and the child’s parents to have the right to equal shared responsibility.” This needs to go back to what it was before 1975 when it was changed from “Whatever affects the mother effects the child” for consideration of the committee.

I stand ready to give evidence at a hearing if required .

Yours Sincerely

Katherine Mary Doenau

Katherine Mary Doenau

Submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee

1. Inquiry into Family Law Court proceedings that award full custody of children to fathers when sexual abuse allegations have arisen during custody proceedings Act’61DA “A child has the right to a relationship with both parents and the child’s parents to have the right to equal shared responsibility.” This needs to go back to what it was before 1975 when it was changed from “Whatever affects the mother effects the child” for consideration of the committee.

2.I am asking for a Royal Commission into both the Federal Magistrates Court and the Family Court of Australia in Brisbane regarding the conduct of professionals in relation to child custody proceedings that involve sexual abuse allegations. This includes what Federal Magistrates and Judges reside over these cases, who are the appointed Independent Children’s Lawyer’s and barristers that represent the children, the Court appointed psychiatrists and social workers as well as the legal representatives for both parents. Also what government departments were involved in investigating suspected child sexual abuse, this includes the Child Protection Police and the Department of Child Safety who would have made a finding that the sex abuse allegations were unsubstanisiated and the children therefore not in need of protection. These so called” investigations” need to be thoroughly looked into as they are more than inadequate, they are harmful and promote continued abuse. The family court is not able to investigate any child sex abuse allegation, all that this court can achieve is to subpoena documents in relation to sex abuse from these two government departments that have deemed an allegation to be unsubstanisiated. This means that the family court will also find the sex abuse allegation unsubstantiated . The Family Court cannot even order these departments to carry out an investigation. When an allegation of sex abuse arises during Family Court Custody proceedings the Child Protection Police and the Department of Child Safety do not want to get involved they believe that the Family Court can determine the validity of a sex abuse allegation when the reality is that this court cannot even give an expert opinion and relies on the opinion of Child Protection Police and Department of Child Safety, this becomes the expert opinion and this is very wrong and can only be described as criminal.

3. Ninety eight percent of sex abuse allegations arise for the first time during Family Court custody proceedings. When this is known it is clearly apparent that the systems that can investigate an allegation that will not get involved in Family Court proceedings are set up to fail in protecting Australia’s most precious commodity our defenceless innocent children. The truth is that these government departments are aiding in the exploitation and continued sexual abuse of child sex abuse victims and this needs exposing for the evil it is creating and eliminating. These government departments need to be far better educated about the real reality of child sex abuse especially when discovered during Family Court custody proceedings, so that the worst crime against children can be recognised and properly investigated, not swept under the carpet and ultimately aided.

4.I have been involved in custody proceedings in both the Federal Magistrates Court as well as the Family Court of Australia in Brisbane for two years now, and during this time sexual abuse allegations arose which lead to a nine day trial and me loosing custody of my three daughters.

5.I have the experience of having been represented and then having to represent myself half way through a nine day trial. I have been to court that many times that I have lost count, but it would be close to one hundred times at least and thirty of these days were before I lost custody of my three daughters on the 19th of October 2009. There were court proceedings in the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia in Brisbane and then court proceedings in relation to a Domestic Violence Order in the Civil Court in Southport. The Orders made in the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia in Brisbane were different to the Orders made in the Civil Court in Southport and both Orders were in place which upon reflection is very strange especially since they both contradicted one another and yet this was never mentioned in the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia in Brisbane. My estranged husband had two different lawyers one a family lawyer for the Federal Magistrates Court and a criminal lawyer for the Civil Court.

6.I have since loosing custody of my three daughters done everything possible to find out why I lost custody, this has meant an enormous amount of research, as well as an incredible amount of pain and suffering not being able to see my children knowing how much they are suffering all whilst missing their mummy and not understanding why they have been abandoned. I am however lucky to have the benefit of having a lot of medical knowledge. I am a registered nurse but also married to a doctor and coming from a very medical family where my own father was a doctor and my mother a registered nurse which means I cannot be fooled by corruption in relation to misdiagnosis by psychiatrists and false information given to the court about anything medical or psychiatric by the legal profession or corrupt psychiatrists and social workers.

7.After studying many cases where the mother has lost custody of her children for alleging sexual abuse during Family Court custody proceedings and how seventy five percent of the time this leads to the father being awarded full care and responsibility of the children, I realised how I had lost custody of my three daughters. Like the majority of other mothers who have lost custody I was seen as a vexatious woman with mental health issues, trying to destroy the relationship between a father and his children with the aim of creating Parental Alienation Syndrome PAS, a coach and a lair. However I have since read the transcripts, know a hell of a lot more, been dealing with two different equally bad Independent Children’s Lawyer’s and one misogynist children’s barrister, had my own deceitful corrupted lawyers. I have seen the court psychiatrist three times, been a victim of psychiatric fraud in the Family Court and Public Mental Health System. I have been a victim of gang stalking and harassment by the Freemason Satanic cult that is networked. I discovered that my extended family members are involved in the Freemason networked Satanic cult and have been aiding this cult with its harassment of myself, prepared to allow something very sinister to happen to me. I have had death threats and my only possession my vehicle, a four year old Prado Land cruiser stolen by criminals who were aided by my Aunt who gave them the keys . I have had many dealings with the Police who have taken twelve months investigating my stolen vehicle only to make a finding that it is now a civil case. This can only be described as corruption when the criminals have more rights that the victim, who is further victimised by the Police. Whilst all of this has been occurring, I have been doing all my own legal work whilst living in fear for my life . I am unable to get legal aid assistance, it has been denied eight times now as they say I don’t merit legal assistance even after my Appeal was accepted. Only because of my many experiences since loosing custody of my three daughters am I confident in asserting that there is definitely more than just corruption behind not only why I lost custody of my three daughters but other custody battles in this Brisbane Court that have seen other mothers loose there parental responsibility after alleging sexual abuse during Family Court custody proceedings.

8.There is something very evil being carried out by certain professionals working in the Family Court in Brisbane, which is seeing children that were already sexually abused being sexually abused by many more child sexual abusers, with the court making this possible and mothers of these children being totally alienated and dismissed, not being permitted to have contact with their own children . Once the fathers of these already sexually abused children have full care and responsibility awarded by the Family Court they are allowing there own children to not only be sexually abused by other child sexual abusers, but to be victims of toucher and experimentation, in exchange for freedom and protection. However they must also do as they are told , there are rules not to be broken, this is the Freemasons, which means it is all about deceit ,secrecy and lying in the name of the brotherhood.

9.Within the court there is a secret court in operation that can be detected when it is known what to look for. I would not be alleging any of this if I were not absolutely sure of what is already in existence. I know what has happened to my own children since I lost custody and I know that it has only happened because of the evil illegal operation being carried out in the Family Court of Australia in Brisbane . I do not know how many professionals are involved in this but I believe a criminal investigation along with the information I am giving you as well as my dairies for the past two years and research will expose key players involved . However you must be aware that the organisation behind this operation is networked and very powerful people are involved in making sure this is never exposed and kept secret. The members of this satanic organisation believe that they are part of the New World Order the Freemasons the brotherhood and that they cannot be exposed that they are above the law protected by the brotherhood, the illumanati the shadow government the thirteen richest families in the world, the puppeteers.

10.This involves children being Ritually Satanically Abused RSA, which involves secret deals with secret government organisations along with members of a satanic paedophile ring from networked satanic cults within the Freemason cult and this is what is operating out of the Family Court of Australia in Brisbane. The child victims of this horrific abuse are being experimented on with the use of mind control techniques sometimes referred to as MK ULTRA or Monarch Training Programme, which purposefully induces trauma with the desired outcome of producing multiple personalities in these sexually abused children. This is the most sadistic and cruel crime against defenceless innocent children who will disassociate while being Ritually Satanically Sexually Abused producing multiple personalities. The perpetrators of this abuse believe that they will not be found out for the worst crime against defenceless innocent children because once a child has developed multiple personalities the child’s front personality that is on display most of the time is the personality that is not sexually abused. The multiple personalities are referred to as Alters these Alters can be programmed to do different tasks when a trigger is used to bring the personality to the front personality in the child or child adult. A trigger could be dialect from a Walt Disney movie or simply something that that Alter recognises, whoever knows the triggers can bring the Alter to the front personality of the child victim for whatever purpose that Alter is programmed for. An Alter can be programmed to carry out secret missions for secret organisations without the child ever having knowledge of what they have done because the child does not recognise the Alter as being part of themselves. The child once they have programmed Alters is said to be a Manchurian child a programmed person that can be used by whatever organisation it is that programmed the child’s Alters to carry out specific secret missions for that organisation which includes secret government organisations.

11. I am asking for a Royal Commission to begin with my Family Law Court custody proceedings that ended on the 19th of October 2009 and resulted in me loosing custody of my three daughters, E 19/3/94, C 26/2/2003 and G 3/11/2004 because of sex abuse allegations that were not investigated adequately by the Police who never even interviewed my estranged husband Dr John Scott Tree, even after an open disclosure by my youngest daughter Greta Louise Tree who was only four years old at that time, on a Police video which is still held at the Court House in Brisbane and has never been viewed by the Court psychiatrist Dr Scott Harden or the Court appointed Social Worker Eryln Rees. Dr Scott Harden never even interviewed either of my two youngest daughters and yet gave an expert opinion that there was no evidence of sex abuse . Eryln Rees did not ask any questions in relation to sexual abuse to either of my two youngest daughters who she mostly viewed in a viewing room interacting with both parents and she also gave an expert opinion based on my estranged husband denying the allegations that there was no evidence of sexual abuse. This can only been seen as negligent professional conduct on the part of both the court psychiatrist Dr Scott Harden and the social worker Eryln Rees who are bound by a duty of care to investigate an allegation of child sexual abuse. Honestly does the Family Court expect that a child sexual abuser is going to all of a sudden be honest and admit what they are and willingly go to jail.

12.The residing Federal Magistrate FM Wilson estimated a five day trial and allowed a Hogan’s Order for fifty thousand dollars for legal representation for myself for these proceedings, However the trial went for nine days and I had no choice other than to self represent for four days as legal aid was not granted and I had no more money to pay my legal representatives. When Federal Magistrate FM Wilson gave his Final Orders at the completion of this trial on the 19th of October 2009 he gave no reasons for his Judgement and when I handed in the Appeals Index to the Appeal on the 28th of February 2010 he resigned.

13.My appeal was accepted on the 27th of August 2010 before a full court of one judge , FM May, the Children’s Lawyer Lisa O’Neil resigned the same day the 27th of August 2010 after the Appeal was accepted. All the Orders were totally dismissed as no adequate reasons were ever given for the Orders that have violated E 19/3/1994, C 26/2/2003 and G 3/11/2004, human rights taking away their Mother and my fundamental right in being a Mother

14. This custody trial has still not been heard and there is no contact being made between myself and my children, because of the outcome of FM Wilsons orders of the 19th of October 2009. This trial and any further applications that would enable me contact with my three daughters have proven not to be able to progress past the registrar and children’s lawyer who have been appointed by the Family Court in Brisbane, who are aiding my estranged husband Dr John Scott Tree in perverting the course of justice with the abuse of process promoting the abuse of myself and my three innocent daughters. Registrar Kane and the children’s lawyer Kyle Terrance have ignored my concerns about the welfare and safety of my three children as well as the criminal activity that my estranged husband has engaged in to prevent any fairness in these proceedings. Registrar Kane and Kyle Terrance are aware that I have no access to any money from my marriage that FM Wilson also gave my husband whilst I was detained in a mental hospital after loosing custody of my three daughters, possession of my house that contained all of my possessions as well, dismissed spousal maintenance and orders that permitted me supervised time that were to be paid for by my husband. This meant that when I was released form hospital not only did I not have my three daughters I was made homeless, possession less, without any money and totally destroyed by the experience of being kept in a mental hospital being told that I was mentally ill for believing my own child. For the past twelve months I have been without transport as well because after my Appeal was accepted I was threatened by criminals told I was going to be murdered and to hand over court related evidence in my vehicle that they then stole along with most of my court evidence. Registrar Kane and Kyle Terrance would much rather try and create and then find evidence that I have a Mental Illness for believing my own daughters sexual abuse disclosure and am therefore a threat to my children’s well being and safety. That I cannot possibly represent myself in Family Court proceedings or have the ability to even instruct a lawyer to act on my behalf. 1 am asking for damages and immediate relief as the result is that this has taken away all my civil rights and those of my three daughters E born 19/3/1994, C born 26/2/2003 and G born 3/11/2004.

16.There is evidence of corruption on every level that has contributed to my character assassination and for my children being in urgent need of protection with no attempt being made to investigate this extremely serious situation. One of the orders that FM Wilson gave that is still in place is that I cannot report suspected child abuse to either the Child Protection Police or the Department of Child Safety ,that “ I be restrained by any means what so ever that the father has sexually abused any of the children up until and including the 19th of October 2009”. Both these government departments have a notification on their systems stating that I am not permitted by law to report suspected child sexual abuse in relation to any of my children. This inquiry also involves Police corruption in Queensland, Psychiatric fraud in the Mental health System in Australia. However more importantly corruption in the Federal Magistrates Court of the Family Court of Australia in Brisbane and the Family Court of Australia in Brisbane. There are also the members of my own extended family that have been involved in these proceedings who have assisted my estranged husband in perverting the cause of justice with clear evidence of perjury deceit collusion and cult activity.

17.When the most serious crime against children is reported less than eight percent of the time ,and of this eight percent only one percent leads to a prosecution. When child sex abuse is discovered in ninety eight percent of cases for the first time in the middle of Family Law Court custody proceedings that are reported , it is more than inadequate that the Family court is not able to investigate this allegation. I was of the opinion that the Family Court was designed to protect our children by properly investigating suspected abuse of any kind. I now know that this is not reality but I think that the general public should be made very well aware that the Family Court is absolutely useless and is actually detrimental to the welfare and safety of our children. When the Family Court is not able to substantiate an allegation of sexual abuse against the father of a child when sixty five percent of child sexual abuse is incest, why even have this allegation heard at all in the family court. All a mother can hope to achieve by trying to protect her sexually abused child from further harm whilst in the family court is to more than likely loose custody of an already abused and damaged child. When a mother alleges sexual abuse in the Family Court seventy five percent of the time she will loose custody of her children and will never see these children again. Women who falsely allege child sex abuse in family court proceedings is less than two percent. These are the statistics in the Family Court of Australia and this is an abomination. I would never have known any of this if I had not lost custody of my own children in the Federal Magistrates Court of the Family Court of Australia in Brisbane. Which means if I did not know then the majority of Australian citizens do not know either and Australia needs to know so that we can find alternatives to protect the most precious commodity of all our innocent children.

18. The reality of an allegation of child sexual abuse being heard in the Family Court is that not only can it not be investigated, but with the use of Briginshaw and Briginshaw the test of probabilities, this is the best test to disprove an allegation with fifty one percent. The more evidence given of sexual abuse the more certainty that this allegation will be disproved. How can the professionals working in the Family Court who are dealing with an allegation that is the worst crime against children sex abuse, morally live with themselves. This system is set up to fail, and aid child sex offenders to continue sexually abusing their own children, who with a mother removed will become out of control and sexually abuse more. When my husband was permitted in using a criminal barrister for a family law court proceeding that were held in the Federal Magistrates Court, the test of proof used then should be beyond a reasonable doubt to prove that their is no risk of harm especially when the judge was a Federal Magistrate with little experience in Family Law proceedings and would not allow when this allegation of sex abuse arose for it to be transferred to the Magellan list for sexually abused children which is common ground in circumstances like mine. When I asked permission for this Federal Magistrate FM Wilson informed me that every application put forward for this to occur would cost me ten thousand dollars knowing that I did not even have the money to fund my own legal representation for the trial.

19.I am more than frustrated by the stupidity, lack of empathy and abuse of process that the children’s lawyer Kyle Terrance has made her priority to prevent this custody trial ever being heard that includes property settlement. The court appointed psychiatrist Dr Scott Harden has already breached medical ethics , he is not going to promote this trial ever being reheard and has already tried to declare me mentally ill, not capable of understanding what my legal issues are. Dr Scott Harden is recommending that the court not permit me any contact with my two youngest daughters for at least another twelve months. The only thing that Kyle Terrance is capable of doing is to try and prove that I have a mental illness that prevents me from representing myself or even to be able to instruct a lawyer if I could afford one as legal aid has now been denied eight times. My life as a mother and human being, is of no value to the family court who expected according to Dr Scott Harden that I would commit suicide if my children were taken out of my care. My three daughters are just pawns in this Family Law Court game their rights in having a relationship with their mother are being denied and have done so now for two years, whilst having to deal with grief and loss. The children’s Lawyer has not even met my children let alone asked them what they want, and if she had their answer is that they still want to live with their mummy! My two youngest daughters up until the 19th of October 2009 had never been out of my care and should never have been taken out of my care. My youngest daughter G was asked by the police officer Annie Watts, at the end of her sexual abuse disclosure that is on video. Where do you go? Who do you tell when you are scared and frightened G? G’s reply in a tiny little four year old voice is “I only tell my mummy, I only tell my mummy”

20.I am a desperate mother who still believes what her four year old daughter disclosed about sexual abuse. That she was then promised for disclosing, that her mummy was now going to die because she told the secret and daddy was going to still keep sexually abusing her anyway. This Family Court Custody Trial that took away my three daughters forcing me to hand over my two youngest daughters in the court house urgently needs to be thoroughly investigated with an inquiry by the senate and included in a Royal Commission into the Federal Magistrates Court of the Family Court of Australia held in Brisbane and the Family Court of Australia held in Brisbane ,who are responsible for awarding full care and responsibility of children to fathers when sex abuse allegations have arisen .For the best physical evidence that can ever be hoped for is a sexual abuse disclosure from a child on a Police Video which is rare. To be only four years old and able to give an open disclosure of sexual abuse is extremely rare and the child has to be very brave. That’s my little girl, the bravest little girl in the world, G.

21.Included with this submission to the senate is my research which incorporates my story which is a Strategy to Stop Child Sexual Abuse. Also my diary notes written to Dr Krone a leading criminologist specialising in child sexual abuse, these are headed” Kiss of the Mafia” one, two, three and four as well as a letter to Justice For Children which is the conclusion that I have drawn that will expose this Satanic Paedophile operation that is operating out of the Family Court of Australia in Brisbane that is destroying the lives of innocent children and their mothers all for telling the truth about child sexual abuse.