bbcmasIt has taken over 40 years for the BBC to finally admit that their key presenter Jimmy Savile was abusing kids in BBC changing rooms along with his paedo ring, but just who covered it up for so long ? If you examine the BBC hierarchy they are all selected mainly from the class described as the ‘establishment’ . A group of well heeled families who have shown most loyalty to the Royal parasites over the centuries and are kept onside by letting them feed from the royal trough.

They are also kept in check and loyal using freemason blackmailing techniques that compromise everyone before they are hand picked into privileged positions, like BBC senior management posts . The Duke of Kent sets in motion, on behalf of Old Lizzie, the processes and procedures that indoctrinate their young groomed initiates, many from Eton and other private schools, who also use brainwashing techniques to ensure they pick only the most suitable halfwits /psychopaths for their agenda. Intelligence has nothing to do with the hierarchical structure as many are as thick as mince but who are devious and dangerous psychopaths who, although ruthless, can be controlled using extreme psychology that the royal henchmen have perfected over 100’s of years. The BBC, as well as harbouring paedo’s like Savile, also have these psycho’s in key positions who present a wholesome face to the public, while thuggery and bullying is used to keep the BBC peasants in the newsrooms in their place.

Now their senior managers have been exposed there is an all out civil war inside the hallowed walls were many of the BBC staff, forced to suppress major issues like Savile’s, have seen the reputation of the BBC in tatters and now with a lynching at the top of their senior management. NOT because they didn’t expose some of their paedo staff but instead because of the damage they did by trying to attack the tory party and their part in the cover up of the Welsh child abuse scandal implicating a former henchmen for Maggie Thatcher.

Like Savile, who was NEVER mentioned during the whole of his predatory paedophile activities, the BBC freemasons are also protected and are behind the cover ups that are now plaguing the BBC. Yet they still refuse to expose the mechanisms that will forever taint a corporation, supposedly owned and paid for by public subscriptions , who have lost forever the moral high ground that they used to preach to the peasants on high from the Big Brother spy platform that they have morphed into thanks to the freemasons running the show.

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