Freemasonic Child Abuse by Design: An Overview

The People’s Council for the Protection of Children has been created to Inform All Truth Seekers of Justice and Liberty who are dedicated to fight against and Expose Organized Child Abuse in All its Forms.

Clandestine Child Abuse Networks exist within the highest level of Every Government Corporation and Agency Worldwide. In particular in Australia, U.K. and the U.S.A these networks are the most intricate in its execution and cover-up methodology’s of – ‘Child Abuse by Design’.

For us to fully comprehend these brutal ‘organized atrocities’ upon All innocent children and their families, we must first do our own independent research to see clearly behind their collective pathological lies, deceit and corruption.

These ‘Secret Society’ Masonic Government Corporations are in fact – Not run by the ‘Pillars of Society’. The reality is, even at the lowest level of ‘Witchcraft Initiation’ from the 1st to the 3rd Degree, they are all at the very least – ‘Traitors of Society’.

However, at the Elite hierarchy levels of ‘Witchcraft Initiation’ from the 4th to 360th Degree, they are full of Traitors, Predators, Psychopaths, Murderers and Pedophiles.
The Planning, Orchestration and Implementation of these ‘Child Abuse by Design’ Networks and their systematic Cover-ups, includes the covert collaboration of:

  • Corrupt High level Pedophile Freemason Police and Corrupt Child Protection Services
  • Corrupt Pedophile Freemason Judges and Lawyers and the (anti) Family Courts
  • Masonic-Run Media Dis-information and Truth Blackouts
  • Freemason Pathological-lying Pedophile Politicians and their Corrupt ‘Child Protection’ Legislation.
  • Forced Psychiatric Incarceration, Abuse and Chemical-Lobotomy Poisoning against anyone brave enough to speak out against them.
  • Last but not least, the very well-known Crown protected, Vatican pedophile priests – who are also High-level Freemasons.

The Mastermind Hierarchies of these Government Pedophile Rings involves ‘Top Secret’ (anti-society) ‘Black-Operation Units’ within all Military Intelligence Secret Police Agency’s – who are in reality Criminal Cult Cabals. Namely – MI5 – MI6 – A.S.I.O. – C.I.A. – N.S.A. and Interpol etc.

To keep the ‘Status Quo’ of running these clandestine Child Abuse Networks the way they always have, (for multiple generations) and to make sure the masses of society – ‘Never Find Out’, involves the 24hr Surveillance of all those dedicated to publically expose the truth of what is really going on.

This ‘Black-ops’ surveillance can involve the execution of – Infiltration, Intimidation, Threats, Assaults, Entrapments, Stitch-ups, and Police arrests. Imprisonment can be implemented upon individual whistleblowers after being stitched-up with Pseudo-crimes. Or worse, to be Incarcerated into Psychiatric Institutions and poisoned with Chemical lobotomies, to ‘Change their thinking’ and ‘Shut them up’.
It also involves death threats against whistle-blowers and there family members.

If ‘Death threats’ fails to silence the Victims, Eye-witnesses and Investigators, who become Whistle-blowers of the Masons Child Abuse Networks, they, as well as their family members may be Brutally Murdered.

Freemasonic Satanic murders Always incorporate a ‘blueprint’ of ancient Black-Occult torture and blood rituals.

All these macabre crimes are perpetrated – with absolute impunity – by the very government agencies and corporations who falsely proclaim they exist to protect us and our Children.

When we, individually and as a society, fully understand the numerous sinister ‘organized crimes’ and covert agendas that are presently being enforced upon us all, especially our children, then and only then will we be able to truly protect ourselves, our families and our communities.

Until then, NO Child is safe.

Knowledge and Action is Power:

To Protect All Children from Harm – Please Research and Become Informed!

In Truth, Justice and Liberty.

George Hardy Farquhar
Independent Researcher, Investigator, Whistle-blower and Child Protection Activist