Thatcher, Whitelaw, Brittan, McAlpine and all the rest didn’t know about key Thatcher aide and paedophile Morrison? You are kidding me.

10 Downing StreetEven those readers from around the world may have noticed that Britain has been rocked by the paedophile revelations regarding Jimmy Savile, the former disc jockey and procurer of children for the rich and famous – and what has followed in relation to Lord McAlpine, the former treasurer of the Conservative or ‘Tory’ Party at the time of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

There is information coming from all directions and it can be very confusing for those who have not followed this unfolding story stage by stage. I have been on this case since the 1990s and I’ll put the pieces together to make sense of it.

This is not just a story about Britain, either, because the same networks of paedophilia and Satanism covertly manipulate the political system all over the world and most certainly in places like North America. The Bush family are up to their necks in it.

What even many more open-minded people can’t grasp is the almost unimaginable scale of child abuse, murder and human sacrifice worldwide and how it is the very cement that holds the global Establishment together, locally, nationally and internationally.

Stand Up Against Child Abuse

The bigger picture requires the question: why paedophilia? I can answer that very simply, but it needs a really open mind to accept it and they are not the majority, of course. These people are possessed by sheer evil and thus express sheer evil.

This is why paedophilia is so fundamentally connected to Satanism – or one reason why. Satanic ritual ensures the total possession of the ‘vehicle’ and paedophilia expresses that possession to allow the possessing entity to feed off the child’s life-force during sexual abuse, as I have explained at length in my books and highlighted at Wembley.

I have found the same networks of paedophiles, Satanists and secret society initiates in every country I have investigated and I have been to a few to say the least. The networks (in the end a single network) operate globally and right down into local communities.

At all these levels you invariably find that members of the paedophile/Satanist/secret society network occupy key positions in politics, government administration, law enforcement, the judiciary and so on. I am not saying all those positions are spoken for in this way, of course, because there are many genuine, decent people in all of them.


But the networks in the global web cover their own backs by ensuring that any claims about their activities – and not just paedophilia either – are ‘investigated’, dismissed and covered up by members of the network in the police and other levels of ‘law’ enforcement. If a case goes to court or some sort of ‘public inquiry’, they seek to have their own ‘safe’ people appointed from the judiciary to keep the lid on everything.

Members of the network, or ring, in all these positions and others, watch each other’s backs and they only get convicted if the barriers and influence of the network are breached by genuine people inside the political and legal system.

With that background, we come to the present Establishment paedophile scandal in the UK which began with the revelations on British television about ‘entertainer’, Jimmy Savile, or So-vile’ as he has become known.


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