While the revelations in the compliant media resound, the SHEEPLE have begun to realise the same media who were promoting vile paedo Jimmy Savile as a ‘legend’ and ‘hero’ also had information, they had been sitting on, that proved he was a serial paedo with 100’s of criminal offences against children . How is it that the media we relied on, prior to the internet, had for over 60 years failed to expose one of the biggest stars of the BBC as a monster who regularly attacked young children he preyed on with complete impunity?

Savile always told his victims he was untouchable, so how could he be so confident he could get away with the abuse for his whole life and only exposed in his death in the media that promoted him regularly ? He knew every person in a position of authority with the power to do something about his crimes against children was a freemason or controlled by a freemason hierarchy. It would have been impossible for Savile to continue his crime wave without an assurance from his masonic brothers that they would destroy any evidence and indeed anyone who DARED to report or expose what Savile had been doing for so long.

As we have been exposing, over many years, while all the positions of power in the UK and worldwide are given to the brotherhood, the protection of their lodge buddies comes before ALL else. The complicity of their media especially the BBC who employed him at huge expense to the long suffering public included judges, the crown prosecution service, cops , MI5, social workers , doctors, the NHS and a myriad of government agencies who could have stopped Savile in his tracks and who all played a major part in dismissing claims of abuse stretching back over his lifetime .

Our own member George Farquhar had been persecuted using chemical coshs in a psychiatric gulag in Edinburgh for daring to expose the SYSTEM of masonic protection of these perverts that ensured EVIL flourished, while the men who tried to stand up to their tyranny were silenced . Savile’s exposures, now finally in the mainstream media, is a turning point when that protection network has finally broken down and only thanks to the many bloggers who continued to expose Savile and his crimes could it be possible to finally see how so many government agencies played their part in allowing these horrors to go on for so long.

There is no doubt of the growing mountain of evidence leading right to the door of the protectors of these evil men who blackmail to enforce an agenda that ruthlessly rides roughshod over ALL our rights primarily to allow them to steal with impunity and to weaken the men not part of their creepy satanic network of power. That starts with the Duke of Kent acting on the instructions of the Royal parasite herself Queen Lizzie who despite evidence from many many sources gave Savile an OBE and Knighthood for his services in kissing the Royal arse every time he got the chance during his thousands of broadcasts on the BBC Big Brother Censorship network.