In working these cases, there were many commonalities I found among them:


The child to be abducted will be under surveillance for up to months before the actual abduction takes place. Rarely will anyone in the family witness this, or if they do, they attach no significance to it at the time. The Illuminati are surveillance freaks – they are literally obsessed with surveillance. They will know everything about your child right up to and including a nickname your child may have. They will know what route your child takes to school and the method of transportation to get your child there. They will know your child’s schedule as well as every member of your family’s schedules.

Child Will Likely Be Alone

In the vast majority of these abductions, the child will be alone at the time he/she is abducted.

Child Disappears Quickly

The abducted child will be gone within a matter of 2-8 minutes, seemingly having “vanished without a trace”. These are professional abductors who know what they’re doing as they’ve been doing it for decades!

Abduction Teams

There’s increasing evidence these abductors work in teams with one female being involved. She may not be involved until the child is placed in a transfer car and not be present at the actual abduction.

Color of Vehicles

The majority of the time a white, blue or red vehicle is involved not only in surveillance but in the actual abduction. (The reason for this is discussed in other sections of the blog). In addition, white cargo style vans have not only been used for surveillance, but as rolling abduction vehicles on wheels. In addition, there’s evidence they’re used for transport when the child is transferred from the abduction sedan to these vans. There’s a separate section of the blog dedicated to these white vans.


Often the child will be drugged to immediately subdue him/her. The Illuminati appears to favor 2 drugs to do this – either chloraform or GHB. Most often, it appears choloraform is used.

Children Abducted From Bedrooms

More recently, these abductors have become so brazen they’re abducting children right from their own bedrooms with the family asleep in the house. This was the case with Maddie McCann, Jon Benet Ramsey, Jessica Lunsford, etc.

County, State, National Lines of Jurisdiction

Often the abduction will take place very close to a county or state line or even a national border. This is so the abductors can cross into another jurisdiction to make case prosecution harder were they ever caught and to generally “muddy the waters” in the case. The Illuminati excel at “muddying the waters” and deception.

Satanic Holidays & Child’s Birthday

Most often the child will be abducted just prior to or on a satanic holiday. This is especially true of the children who are abducted for satanic ritual sacrifice versus being forced into the Illuminati pedophile ring. In addition, often the child will be abducted just prior to their upcoming birthday. (The most important satanic holiday being one’s own birthday)

Mind Control

At times, the child and/or at least one of the child’s family members will exhibit symptoms of Illuminati/CIA mind control programming having been employed on them. There’s a separate section about this mind control.

Satanic Activity

There may be rumors of satanic activity in the geographic area of the abduction. In some cases, when remains were found, signs of satanic rituals were left behind. While your first impulse might be to dismiss this, I would highly recommend you not do that.

Stall The Investigation

When you report a child missing, the investigating law enforcement agency will “stall” the investigation to allow the abductors to cross those jurisdictional lines and even get the child out of the country if he’s to be put in their pedophile ring. There are several ways the cops do this:

1. Insist the child is a runaway – to all evidence to the contrary

2. Keep searches in the immediate area of abduction and not expand them (if at all) to a much broader search area. Or they may cancel a search quickly, without explanation, altogether.

3. Fail to issue an Amber Alert.

4. Deliberately “botch” the handling of the investigation.

FBI and D.A.’s

They help cover up these crimes so that the finger of suspicion never points at the Illuminati government and/or law enforcement. In order to accomplish this, the FBI will very quickly step into the investigation, taking control of that investigation from local law enforcement. At times, a D.A.’s office or even the State Attorney General’s Office will step in as well to ensure they maintain control of the case.


The cops will then “lose”, destroy, tamper with and even plant evidence to begin to set up the “fall guy” that will take the rap for their abduction crime.

Media Control & The Fall Guy

Media control is the most basic form of mind control in that by controlling what’s released to you about these cases (even if it’s an outright lie), these sickos can then form your opinions about the case and the “fall guy” they’ve set up. Most often this “fall guy” will be a pedophile with a history of pedophila – who better to get you to blame and take the fall? You want to convict a pedophile!

Other times, they will focus the investigation on a family member, especially one who might have a criminal history. They will do this while ignoring evidence that points to anyone else but their intended fall guy.

Whisking The Child Away

If the child is slotted to be put in their pedophile ring, a photo of your child will likely have already been sent to an overseas buyer for your child, so he can approve your child. They will move very quickly in getting your child out of the country and to that buyer.

Discrediting Credible Witnesses

Any witnesses with pertinent information about the abduction, whose testimony might swing the finger of guilt in the direction of these Illuminati perpetrators are then quickly discredited by police. Either that credible witness is declared “unreliable” or “mentally ill” by police.

Suspicious Deaths Surrounding Investigation

From time to time, suspicious deaths of those who “know too much” in regards to the investigation of your child will be outright murdered to silence them permanently about what they know. There are many ways the Illuminati accomplishes these deaths:

1. They like to blow up planes

2. They will perform a “kill by car” op in which the person will die in a vehicular “accident”

3. They will induce a heart attack with technology they have to do this

4. The person will be made to look like they committed suicide

Those seem to be their most favored methods but there are many more they use.

It is rare a child or his/her remains are found after abducted by these professionals. However, if remains are recovered, these are commonalities when they are:

Densely Wooded Areas

In nearly every case, the abducted child’s remains were discovered in a remote, densely wooded area. Government-owned land like state parks seem to be a particular favorite.

Throat Trauma

In a large number of cases, throat trauma of some kind is found – from hanging, strangling, etc.

Sexual Abuse and Torture

The Illuminati are primarily male and homosexual and they are extremely sexually deviant. In addition, they love to torture. In fact, they do it within their own cult, to their own children, beginning at age 2. So it’s little wonder most abductees are sexually abused and tortured.

Burying Alive and Dismemberment

Many victims are found to have been buried alive or dismembered. (Dismemberment being part of some of their satanic holiday celebrations) In the case of dismemberment, body parts will often be dumped in more than one location to make them harder to find and identification more difficult.

Favored Abduction Sites

While these professionals can abduct a child from anywhere within literally minutes, there do appear to be some favored abduction sites repeating themselves throughout these cases.

Most of these kids are generally abducted very close to home. In several cases, they were abducted right in front of witnesses and even their own parents!

Other Trends to Watch For

I usually don’t consider something a repeating pattern in these abductions unless I see it cropping up in at least 5 cases. But I am going to mention a couple things I’ve seen repeat less than 5 times so far, just so you can be on the lookout for these repeating patterns in other child abduction cases.

Bridge Construction

In at least 4 abductions of females, bridge construction was occuring near their homes when they were abducted. This could very well be coincidence. However, bridge construction is part of the Illuminati takeover agenda, as they’ve recently begun a campaign of fortifying bridges to bear the weight of transport vehicles that will take everyone to their 800 concentration camps in this country once martial law is declared. For that reason, I feel compelled to mention these 4 cases where bridge construction was being done near the abductees’ homes.

References to Ford

In at least 4 cases thus far, “Ford” has cropped up in some form – vehicles, “Fairlane”, Ford Hill Road, blue Ford bus, etc.

“The fourth factor is the enormous influence wielded by two similar organizations, The Council of Foreign Relations in the USA and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England. These institutions are schools for statesmen, Illuminati statesmen. They are the stamping grounds of men such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinksi and Lord Carrington. These two “think tanks” have a crucial influence on all US and British governments, no matter which party is “in power”. The statesmen produced by these institutions can and do decide the fate of nations.The tax-exempt foundations are also instruments of Illuminati power. The Ford foundation and the Rockefeller foundation are two prominent examples of this type of “charitable” institution. They were heavily involved in supporting various communist powers when the cold war was at its height. Communism versus capitalism arms race = more money and power for the Illuminati.”

Is this why various references to Ford are appearing in some of these cases?

Member of a Church

I’m beginning to see more mention of these abducted children being involved in their family’s churches. This makes perfect sense from an Illuminati standpoint, as the Illuminati hate Christians or anyone who walks a “right hand path”, even going so far to speak with glee on Capitol Hill about the day rapidly coming when they can start executing Christians.

Discrediting Tracking Dogs

Police discrediting their own tracking dogs is also cropping up more and more in these cases, especially it appears, when their dogs “hit” and/or then lose a scent, indicating the child may have been placed in a car and driven from the area. I’ve seen these dogs work personally and they don’t make mistakes for the most part so when these dogs “hit” on something, police would need to discredit it to keep the abducted child from being found or the fact they were rapidly transported away from the abduction scene.

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