Jimmy Savile… Doorway to the Cesspit (An Overview)

Jimmy SavileSomething of massive significance has happened in Britain in the last two weeks which might have been lost on most of the rest of the world. It concerns the revelations about serial child abuse over decades by a man considered by many to be a British ‘icon’ and ‘national treasure’.

His name is Jimmy Savile and the reason the significance of what is happening may have passed most people by outside the UK is that Savile was a major figure in these islands, but little known beyond them. What, and who, he was involved with, however, is global in nature and has the potential to expose both the staggering scale of child sexual abuse and many of the mega-famous names for whom it is a way of life.

Savile was one of the first in the entertainment field known as ‘disc jockeys’ who emerged with the 1960s music and cultural explosion known as the ‘Swinging Sixties’. I remember him well as a kid appearing on television shows, still in black and white then, and in fact you could hardly miss him. Once seen, never forgotten.

He would always appear with dyed hair, mostly blond, and highly colourful and eccentric clothing accompanied by multiple rings and other jewellery. Savile was what they called a ‘one-off’, a ‘character’ and people either loved him or deeply loathed him and thought he was seriously weird. There was little of the half-way about Jimmy Savile.

Jimmy Savile He began as a disc jockey in dance halls and later managed several of them before he launched a career in the media via the legendary Radio Luxemburg in 1958 and eventually moved to the BBC which was to be his prime public platform for decades.

He was a first and last presenter of the ground-breaking music chart show Top of the Pops, which ran from 1964 to 2006, but his biggest claim to fame was the BBC show Jim’ll Fix It which he presented from 1975 to 1994.

This is particularly relevant to current events because it was a programme in which children wrote in to describe what they would most like to do or who they would most like to meet. The programme then ‘fixed it’ for the children chosen to take part. The ‘fix’ could be anything from going up in a hot air balloon to meeting their favourite pop star.

Savile was also famous for his charity work, which included running many marathons. He was also a volunteer porter at the Leeds General Infirmary; a volunteer and fundraiser at Stoke Mandeville Hospital with its world famous spinal injuries unit; and he was involved with the Broadmoor high-security psychiatric hospital where many famous killers have spent their days.

Jimmy SavileSavile is reported to have had his own room at both Stoke Mandeville and Broadmoor and, it was revealed this week, he was given his own set of keys that allowed him access to many areas within Broadmoor.

His public face was of a jolly and eccentric character who was famous for his trademark expensive cigar and constantly-repeated catch phrases such as ‘how’s about that, then?’, ‘now then, now then, now then’, ‘goodness gracious’, ‘as it ‘appens’ and ‘guys and gals’.

But away from the screen Savile lived a very different life and operated in very different circles to the ‘man of the people’ image that he so cultivated and it is now clear that much of his charity work was designed to give him access to children and below-age teenagers.

Savile was given a hero’s funeral when he died in 2011 at the age of 84, but a recent television documentary – not by the BBC – has revealed his decades of sexual abuse of underage girls with more revelations coming out by the day. Iceberg and tip come to mind.

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Please note: this is presently only partial footage of Georges speech.

Full Speech is available below this video



George Farquhar’s Speech to the Scottish House of Parliament exposing the Mason’s Pedophile rings


Heard at the Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee Wednesday 29 October 2003.

My name is George Farquhar. I am the founder of Project Freedom Child Rights Watch. I am an investigator, researcher and campaigner, dedicated to the mass public exposure of the secret societies child abuse networks and pedophile rings. For more than five years, I have been researching organised child abuse by certain high-profile members of our social services, who hide behind their secret-society-backed positions of power within the police, justice system, child care , social services, the mass media and medical industries.

I have numerous examples of those networks of abuse and of the individuals involved, some of whom are publicly exposed on my website. Since I have been non-violently campaigning in and around Edinburgh against those crimes over the past two years, I have been arrested about eight times by Lothian and Borders police. Although I have been charged with ‘breach of the peace’ and with failing to give a DNA sample on each of those arrests, I have been found guilty on only one charge of ‘breach of the peace’, of which I was later admonished.

The circumstances surrounding my last arrest was a little different. I was arrested for taking video footage of a corrupt police officer who had falsified criminal charges and blatantly lied in court in relation to my possible conviction and imprisonment. Having been arrested by the police officer for that action, I was remanded in jail before being taken in front of Procurator Fiscal Smith at Edinburgh sheriff court.

Procurator Fiscal Smith immediately lied to the court by stating that I had a history of similar offences, conveniently omitting the fact that I had been found ‘not guilty’ on all charges bar one. Then, the procurator fiscal, while mumbling under his breath so that I would not be able to hear him, suggested that, because of my history, I should be detained for psychiatric reports.

In addition to my trial, which was a kangaroo court, and a corrupt act to veil the truth, I am currently being detained in the Royal Edinburgh hospital, in a clinic for the criminally insane. Since my three months’ incarceration as a political prisoner, I have been forcibly injected nine times against my will with high doses of anti-psychotic drugs while being held down by numerous hospital staff.

That major abuse of human rights for taking video footage of a corrupt police officer is just one of the numerous cover-ups directed against my dedication to expose Government Child Abuse. I should be out in the street, non-violently campaigning, not incarcerated and drugged up like an insane criminal. Please do whatever you can to rectify the matter – not for my sake, but for all the children, who deserve safety and justice for the crimes perpetrated against them.

Original Full Document at International Men’s Organisation www.intmensorg.info/georgefarquhar.htm



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