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David Icke Exposes Satanism and Pedophilia

Alex Jones Exposes Satanism and Pedophilia

Catholic Child Abuse – Corruption and Cover-ups Worldwide

Freemasonry and Catholicism – The Pedo-Connection

Freemasonry – Satanism and Pedophilia Exposed

Jesus is Saviour – Masonic Elite-pedo-rings Overview

1452035_629747403790553_855000604_nFreemason Watch – Watching the Watchers

Psychiatric Industry is Now Mainstreaming Pedophilia

Project Monarch Organised Child Abuse


To Save the Children – Ellis Taylor

Freemasonry Truth

Freemasonry Watch

Ineternational Mens Organisation



vic-hobart-9-7-04Australia’s Katanning ‘Brotherhood’ Police Protected Pedophiles for 15 Years

Victorian Police Pedo-rings in Australia – The Cover-up Continues

Mornington Child Care – Kidnaping by the Australian Pedo-Elite

Qld youth sex abuse ‘out of the shadows’

Dennis McKenna – WA Police Protected Pedophile for 15 years

Lukes Army

Top WA Cop Wanted

Child abuse spectre over 26 institutions WA

Child migrant abuse revealed in WA

The Shirley Finn Murder Cover Up of WA’s Freemason Pedophile Rings

Who Killed Shirly Finn – Allegations of Police Involvement

Call for Probe into Police Involvement in Victorian Pedophile Rings Part 1

Call for Probe into Police Involvement in Victorian Pedophile Rings Part 2

Organised State Child Prostitution and Pornography in Victoria, Australia: A Survivor’s Statement

Protection of child molesters and other criminals by corrupt Police and other Government Officials in Victoria

Pearson fears child safety ‘corruption’ in QLD

“The Family”. S.A. Freemason Elite Pedophile Rings Uncovered


Luke’s Army -The Toxic Environment of Child Protection



download1Hollie Demands Justice – 10 years of Child Abuse in Scotland – Imprisonment and Murder for Whistle-blowers

Dunblane Massacre – Thomas Hamilton Pedo-Freemason Mass- murderer of 16 Children and a Teacher

Hollie Demands Justice -Robert Green’s Blog, Letter Sent To Grampian Police

George Farquhar’s Speech to the Scottish House of Parliament exposing the Mason’s Pedophile rings

Masonic Persecution Continues against Anti-Masonic Child Abuse Networks Activist

High Level Knights Templer Mason Judge involved in the cover-up of his Brotherhoods Pedophile Rings

Hollie Greig and the Hunt For Scotlands Most Dangerous Pedophiles

The ongoing fight in Scotland for Hollie Greig and now George Farquhar


Hollie Greig – Scottish Establishment Pedophile Rings Exposed



judgefulfordSun Sea and Satan – The Jersey Isle of Masonic-Establishment Procurer of Children – Haut de la Garenne

Bill Maloney Films – Expose’ on Establishment Child Abuse in England

Jimmy Savile – Police Protected pedo for 60 years –Procurer of Children for the British Elite

North Wales Child Abuse and the Waterhouse Cover-up

Number 10 linked to U.K.s Political Pedo-arena

North Wales Child Abuse Expose

f10d4-antinspccheadlinedailymirrorU.Ks Political Pedophiles – A Short List

North Wales Child Abuse Expose

Children in Need banned Jimmy Savile from working with them because of fears he was a pedophile, a former BBC governor admitted.

British Premier Gordon Brown Exposed As a Pedophile

A judge attacks my ‘one-sided’ child protection stories – but it cuts both ways

Top Ofsted job for official embroiled in notorious child sex scandal

Another Defenceless Child Found Murdered in Ritualitic Circumstances.




Kincora Boys Home – Irelands ‘Child Care’ System Exposed

Irelands Shame – From Government ‘Child Care’ to Prostitution

Children under care of Irish government ended up in brothels



Pia Casa – Elite Pedo-rings in Portugal Exposed

Dutroux – Child Murderer and Procurer for the Belgian Elite

Guilty after six-year trial, Portugal’s high-society paedophile ring

The Pedophocracy from Brussels…



bohemiangroveexposedCathie O’Brian- Sex Slave of the U.S. Illuminati

Johnny Gosh – Child Kidnapping by CIA Black-Ops-Pedos

Kinsey’s Pedophiles – 2000 kids in Pedophile Experiment funded by the U.S. Elite

Bohemian Grove – Satanic playground for the U.S. Establishment Elite

Paul Bonacchi – Survivor of Bohemian Grove’s Pedo-Networks

Pedophilia in the Whitehouse – Ragean and Bush Involved

Ted Gunderson – FBI –Exposes Satanism and Ritual Child Abuse

Franklin Boys Home – Bohemian Grove and the Whitehouse Connection

Transformation of America – U.S. Establishment Child Sex-Slavery and Satanic Ritual Abuse

imagesglfpnm5eMcMartin Child Care – Kidnaping by the U.S. Pedo-Elite

MK Ultra – Secret Police Mind Control and the Child Abuse Connection

‘Finders’ – Trafficking of Children via CIA Black-Ops-Pedos

Pan’s Labyrinth, Satan, and Pedophilia!

Bohemian Grove Exposed!

maxresdefault-2-2_finalSex Abuse and the Globalist Elite

Homesexual protitution enquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush

Child Sexual Abuse in California – McMolestation

Child Sexual Abuse at The Presidio and West Point – Uncle Sam Wants Your Kids

Child Sexual Abuse and the CIA – Finders Keepers

Child Sexual Abuse – TRANCE Formation of America

CIA MK ULTRA Experiments on Mind Controlled Children

Bohemian Grove: Prostitution, Child abuse and Murder

Kinsey Syndrome – Why are America’s children disappearing?Pedophillia Lawsuit: Slave Children Forced to Have Sex With “Royalty, Politicians, Academicians” — Bill Clinton Also Visited the Villa