The BBC “Children’s program” “Something Special” (SS) is another example of the BBC deliberately using Paedophilic input
The main character of the BBC childrens show is Justin Fletcher and his stage persona for the show is Mr Tumble

Mr Tumble uses sign language as well as speech in his program
Mr Tumble tells the children who watch his program, in sign language “I AM FUCKING YOU”!
No this is not a joke, he actually says that, in what the BBC call “MAKATON” sign language

The BBC excuse their continued use of this version of sign language despite the fact that it is not the standard British Royal National Institute for the Deaf Sign language
The BBC admit they are using a completely different sign language to the National British Standard which is taught to all deaf children in the UK and that they therefore know that the sign in the official National curriculam of deaf sign language means “I AM FUCKING YOU” but the BBC refuse to change it.
Now consider this from the Deaf children’s perspective
1. They are just young children
2. They are handicapped = Deaf
3. They learn what they understand via sign language
4. They have no other understanding of the signs other than that which they have been taught
5. They watch a National BBC “Children’s Program” and they read the sign language as taught in the National deaf sign language curiculum
6. The BBC’s message tells them “I AM FUCKING YOU” – That is what the sign/s say to them
The BBC would have you believe that they have done nothing wrong I disagree. I think the BBC have done something deliberately wrong.

Justin Fletcher also stars in another BBC children’s program called “Gigglebiz”
One of his persona’s for the show is “Captain Adorable” and he has a Butler (a man servant) called “BOTTOM”
The BBC’s Justin Fletcher, in his children’s character role, therefore has a BOTTOM at his beck and call to perfom the duties of a bottom
Needless to say it appears rather obvious that Justin Fletcher (Mr Tumble) is a homosexual
Who else would want a “bottom” that will perform their every wish
Justin Fletcher, same as everyone else in Mainstream Media is a Pagan/Mason.
Here he is performing some well known Masonic signals
BBC’s Justin Fletcher shows the double 666


BBC’s Justin Fletcher shows the Masonic “M” hand sign
Justin the Freemason Witch looks so harmless but as the holy Bible Book of Proverbs says: “Charm is deceptive”


Justin the Freemason Witch looks so harmless but as the holy Bible Book of Proverbs says: “Charm is deceptive”


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The BBC “Children in need” poster with the illuminati one eye
“Children in need” is a simple Pagan capital letter play on words – C.I.N (SIN)
The BBC and “BBC Children In Need” (C.I.N/SIN) are Masonic
Christians please do not support the “C.I.N” of the BBC


The cute Teddy with one eye covered over is the C.I.N mascot
Covering one eye is a signal made by all Pagan Witches

A cute one eyed teddy takes your money

One eyed teddy shows off his SUN/Halios disc


One eyed teddy and the Pagan Witches of the BBC smile as the SUN/Halios shines behind them and you give your money for the CIN of the BBC


The Beast Revealed

BBC Paedophilia Grooming in Childrens Programs


Hows this for perverted – Courtesy of the BBC


As seen on BBC TV

1. Penis banana

2. BBC Dirty Little Secret – Sexually suggestive terms used in BBC childrens programs