McKenna ready to talk on sex abuse

Lawyers working for the inquiry into systemic child sex abuse at a State-run hostel in Katanning have interviewed the hostel’s paedophile warden, Dennis John McKenna, in Acacia Prison.

McKenna’s father Doug said his son co-operated with the inquiry at a two-hour meeting on Thursday and revealed how a senior public official in the town decided to sit on one boy’s allegations of sexual assault.

But the 67-year-old, who is serving six years for molesting male hostel boarders between 1975 and 1990, has challenged evidence at the hearings before retired judge Peter Blaxell.

Mr McKenna, 87, said one of the two lawyers told his son that Mr Blaxell wanted his side of what happened. “They’re going to organise a room at Acacia and Judge Blaxell is going up there to see Dennis,” Mr McKenna said.

“Dennis can help them,” he said. “He knows who things were reported to. He told them everything he knew.

“They asked him about some evidence at the hearings and he said most of it was exaggerated.”

Premier Colin Barnett called the inquiry into how McKenna got away with sexual abuse at St Andrew’s hostel for 15 years. Police are also investigating new allegations from former hostel boarders.

The inquiry has heard from public servants, parents and victims that complaints as early as 1976 were ignored.

Mr McKenna said his son was asked about Freemasonry in Katanning during his time there and McKenna confirmed the father of one victim was a Freemason who did not want publicity about his son being abused.

The Weekend West has learnt that hostel board members and other community leaders were in the town’s Freemasons lodge.

A spokesman for the Blaxell inquiry said investigations were ongoing.

He said the inquiry would not comment on particular lines of the investigation or who it had spoken to.

Gary Adshead State Political Editor, The West Australian Updated March 10, 2012, 1:40 am


Enquiry Transcripts on the McKenna ‘Pedophile Brotherhood’



Freemason and Lions club Links on the McKenna ‘Pedophile Brotherhood’

For 15 years Dennis, Neil and Wayne McKenna sexually abused children at the Katanning Hostel with impunity. This case has all the Hallmarks of Masonic Child Abuse and Constant Police and Child Protection Agency Cover-ups in Perth.

  • Hostel board members and other community leaders were in the town’s Freemasons lodge.
  • McKenna was protected by Lions Club members.
  • Friends in High Places – Witnesses Threatened, Abused and Sacked – Police Protected for 15 years while Sexually Abusing dozens of boys before finally being charged. The Question begs to be asked – Who are His ‘Friends’? And why are they not being charged?
  • Lawyer John Hammond representing 21 victims said, despite Police Officers, Teachers and other Government officials being made aware of concerns, his clients had suffered for 15 years at the hostel, they did nothing.
  • Katanning inquiry’s bizarre Ku Klux Klan link
    School girls were driven to the town’s cemetery in the dead of night and left there. Bonfires with burning crosses were lit as school boys dressed in Ku Klux Klan outfits danced around chanting.
  • She said her daughter and other girls were driven one night to the Katanning cemetery, ordered off the bus and abandoned before Year 12 boys sprung up from behind headstones.  Then there was the night Dennis McKenna organised a burning cross on a bonfire and watched as boys wearing white hoods moved in unison around it.
  • The woman alleged the first time she was raped by Neil McKenna, when she was 13 or 14, his wife was in hospital after giving birth to their first child.
  • Barnett was against compensating child victims of state sanctioned sex abuse with his slashing of Redress. Then he was part of a governemnt which refused to further investigate Katanning Hostel and this evil perpetrator nearly a decade ago.

This case will soon be documented by GHF.

The Conclusion to the McKenna Brotherhood Pedophile Ring Cover up.