Child Protection from Government Interference with the Family

Bureaucratic Fraud Masked as Child Protection

CPS Corruption and Human Trafficking Exposed in San Luis Obispo County – A Mother’s Story

CPS Corruption and Human Trafficking Exposed in San Luis Obispo

Child Sexual Abuse in the Shadow World of the New World Order

The Trance-Formation of America excerpts:

Project Monarch
The Most Dangerous Game
From Dorothy to Tinker-Belle
You Are What You Read
The Most Dangerous Game: Revisited
Clinton Coke Lines

Wizard of Oz and Illuminati Mind Control

The Franklin Scandal Tried in Civil Court

Interview with John deCamp former Republican State Senator Author of The Franklin Coverup

Omaha Call Boys

Pedophocracy by Dave McGowan

From Brussels
… to Washington
Uncle Sam Wants Your Children
It Couldn’t Happen Here
Finders Keepers

Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Evidence Surfaces

Satanic Subversion of the Military

Egyptian-Masonic-Satanic Connection – Foreword

Satanic Ritual Abuse2

Freemasonry and the Mystery Religions

Egyptian Mystery Religion and Masonic Lodge

Black Masonry Devoted to the Knowledge of Evil

Aleister Crowley, 33° Mason and Black Masonry

Freemasonry and Satanic Ritual Abuse

British Premier Gordon Brown Exposed As a Pedophile

Sex Slavery is Big Business in Europe

Australian authorities ignored sex abuse claims, police files vanish

Australian Police Probed on Child Sex Abuse Claims

Bohemian Grove: Prostitution, Child abuse and Murder

Paper Clip Dolls: Project Monarch, MK-ULTRA, Mind Control and Project Paperclip

Journalist Disinformation Presents Problems for Victims of Ritual Abuse in San Diego

The Olson File: A secret that could destroy the CIA

Supply and Demand: Chapter 9 from Father, Son and CIA by Harvey Weinstein

CIA MK-ULTRA Experiments on Mind-Controlled Children