About Me: A Brief Overview

My name is George Hardy Farquhar:

I have been a Researcher of Government Corruption and ‘Black-ops’ Secret Government ‘Organized Crime’ for 17 years. For 14 years I have also been an Independent Investigator and Activist against these crimes. In particular my main intention has been to campaign against their ‘Biggest Secret’, their Clandestine Child Abuse Networks.

Due to my research and activism I have endured numerous infiltrations and attacks on my person by the British and Australian Secret Police – The S.S. I Therefore fully understand how these networks are Planned, Implemented and Orchastrated and it is my duty as a humanitarian to publically expose these clandestine ‘Organized Crimes’ of serial child abuse by our corrupt governments to All citizens of Australia, Scotland and the World:

I am also a Martial Artist. We do not have to be a Student of Martial Arts to be involved in the mass public exposure and destruction of these brutal and sinister government rings against Children. However we Must Be a Warrior of Truth and Justice.

Please Remember – Every single one of these Predators and Parasites who are involved in these rings, at all levels are cowards! I do know this as a fact, as I have personally encountered hundreds of them during my mission to expose them.

Also remember this: The reason they ‘Appear’ all strong and powerful is the fact that their rings are their ‘Biggest Secret’. Their Secret is their biggest strength. Their Secret is also their Weakest Link.

Once their ‘Secret’ becomes Mainstream Knowledge within society – they will automatically cease to exist. Then they will All be held accountable for their crimes upon all the children they have abused and that are presently being abused.

It is only a matter of time.

My Agenda Is – No More Government Child Abuse – EVER!

How the Masonic-Elite / Illuminati Pedophile Networks are Implemented:

A Diagrammatical Overview


My Experiences – A Brief Overview

Feb 1994 – April 1998

  • I became a ‘Target’ in an U.K. Military Secret Police (MI5) ‘Black-ops’ Social Control Experiment in Scotland involving 24 hr. overt (Not Covert) surveillance, of myself and another family member, break-ins to our family home where family photos were taken as well as personal items of no financial value: (Details to be expanded)
  • Subjected to a Black-occult ritual ‘Psychic attack’ by around 12 top-level cops in the commissioner’s office at Edinburgh’s Police Headquarters: They were high-level ‘initiates’ of the Scottish Rights of Freemasonry: (Details to be expanded)
  • Hunted and harassed by Interpol under-cover police operatives and harassed by numerous military units using military ‘Black’ Helicopter surveillance for 4 years in over 16 countries: (Details to be expanded)

May 1998 – April 2001

  • Travelled back to the U.K. to live in Glastonbury.
    MI5 covert surveillance takes over. I endure frequent surveillance, harassment and intimidation:
  •  I become involved in publically exposing ‘Black-ops’ Social Control Torture Experiments and other Clandestine government agendas via my first Human Rights Website: www.Project Freedom.co.uk
  • Hand-delivered a 66 page document pertaining to: MI5 ‘Black-ops’ Social Control Torture Experiments upon unwilling members of the public to Every member of parliament (670) in the U.K.
  • Publically exposed several MI5 undercover agents with their pictures via the internet as members of the “Pedophile Police” – Black-ops units assigned to protect the Freemasonic Hierarchies Satanic Child Abuse Rings: (Details to be expanded)
  • Physically attacked by MI5 agents while distributing flyers at one of England’s music festivals on clandestine ‘Black-ops’ Social Control Experiments upon unwilling members of the public and the Freemasons Hierarchies Satanic Pedophile Rings: (Details to be expanded)
  • Created a new website: www.StopChildRape.co.uk exposing the Worldwide networks of the Freemasonic Hierarchies Satanic Child Abuse Rings

May 2001 – Jan 2004

  • Travelled back to Scotland to live in Edinburgh, my home town
  • Created a new updated and concise version ‘Child Rights Watch’ website: www.StopMasonicChildAbuse.co.uk exposing the Worldwide networks of the Freemasonic Hierarchies Satanic Child Abuse Rings
  • Actively researching and involved in publically exposing the Masonic-Elite’s satanic pedophile rings In Edinburgh, in the city center during and after the Edinburgh festival. I also campaigned outside The Edinburgh District Court, Edinburgh’s High Court, the Scottish Houses of Parliament and Edinburgh’s Police HQ. (Details to be expanded)
  • I was arrested by police 7 times over several months during my campaigns, and charged with a criminal offence on each occasion. Every time I went to court to defend myself I was found ‘NOT Guilty’ 5 times. On one occasion I was Found ‘Guilty’ and thereafter ‘admonished’ and walked free. (Details to be expanded)
  • During one of my arrests for publically exposing the Masons Pedophile rings I was assaulted by Sargent Rodrigues and around 7 other corrupt police in my prison cell who took a blood sample from my body by force: (Details to be expanded)
  • During my last arrest, I was ‘Stitched up’ by the Scottish justices system via a corrupt low-level cop, corrupt police prosecutor Mr Smith and corrupt ‘defense’ lawyer Mr Good who, during my trial refused to give the court the details of my defense evidence on my behalf: (Details to be expanded)
  • Although I had given several hours of statements to this ‘hand-picked by the system’ Mason moron defense lawyer, his total statement on my so-called defense consisted of “I Have Nothing To Say”. ‘Stitched up’ from start to finish in a kangaroo court and imprisoned by a well-publicized high-level Secret Society ‘Knights Templar’ judge, Sherriff Andrew Lothian. (Details to be expanded)
  • This Freemason Judge was at that very time of my trial and incarceration being investigated by police via charges from his wife pertaining to his secret filming of his devious sexual acts and distributing copies throughout his Masonic brotherhood network: This IS the type of activities High-level masons do. (Details to be expanded)
  • It was some time later, I also found out the now well publicized facts that Sherriff Andrew Lothian, was also a prostitute frequenting, wife beating, tax evading, alcoholic.
  • And is now retired on 7000 pounds per month. His worst crime is however, being one of Scotland Chief Guardians of his brotherhoods pedophile rings. Whether he is or not a pedophile himself I do not know. It is a fact though, these clandestine rings cannot exist without these Guardians being involved in the cover-ups. (Details to be expanded)
  • I am sentenced and Incarcerated by the Masonic Pedophile Guardian, Sherriff Andrew Lothian into a ‘secure’ mental health unit and told by the chief psychiatrist Dr Crighton (A non-mason shrink) “We want to change your thinking!”
  • From the day of my arrest I start a hunger strike as a Political Prisoner. No Food – Only water for 40 days.
  • I am harassed and Intimidated by 2 particular male nurses to instigate me into a fight with them. They also did not like what I was saying. However one female nurse told me on the quiet, in the first week of my incarceration “I know what you are saying is true, you are doing a fantastic job, but there is nothing I can do about it”. I did not see her again. (Details to be expanded)
  • I am held down and ‘Forcibly injected’ every week over 3 months with a neuro-toxic concoction of poisons called Zuclythenpixol. The result was so emotionally, mental and physically debilitating it rendered me almost totally incapable to ‘Think’ or ‘Feel’ or ‘Act’ – as well as creating other mentally and physically debilitating problems. That was their real agenda: (Details to be expanded)
  • Three months later I was released briefly from my imprisonment as a political prisoner to – “Change My Thinking” – to speak at an open public meeting in the Scottish Houses of Parliament where I exposed on archived film, the crimes of the Masonic-Elite Secret Society Hierarchies Network of Satanic pedophile rings in the U.K. (Details to be expanded)
  • I was returned to the Hospital for the criminally insane. Several days later, this pseudo-mental health ‘expert’ finally said to me on the day of my release “George, I believe that you are Not Paranoid Schizophrenic (The ‘label’ that All whistleblowers of Freemasonic Hierarchies Satanic Child Abuse Rings get). He also said, “I believe that you are sane. If you ever get arrested again due to your campaigns, I will be happy to personally defend you in Court of this fact.” Ironically the “We want to change your thinking strategy via chemical lobotomy – clearly did not work!” (Details to be expanded)
  • Dr Crihton did not change my thinking. I changed his thinking! From my personal experience no one can be more insane than a brain washed mental health expert who believes that he or she can in fact shut anyone up via a chemical cosh for exposing the world’s most dangerous pedophiles. (Details to be expanded)

Feb 2004 – Sept 2011

  •  I am finally released from my incarceration as a political prisoner and return to Australia where I had previously migrated to in 1982. Yet again traveling to other destinations appears to immediately create a stronger influx of undercover police and Military Black –ops surveillance.
  • On one occasion the West Australian Police fail in an attempt to ‘stitch me up’ within a 24hr period with a ‘boot full of drugs’ – attempting to ‘plant’ what could be construed as child pornography on my person and then finally another failed attempt to plant drugs in my travel bag by a female undercover agent:
  • Back in Perth, W.A. Police Surveillance continues with occasional harassment and intimidation:
  • I am again inspired to create a new website www.Corrupt Police.com.au
  • I encounter violent harassment and threats by Black-ops military intelligence agent provocateur (A.S.I.O.) while campaigning against the ‘Inside Job of 911’: (Details to be expanded)
  • I publically exposed him via my website as a member of the “Pedophile Police”. An A.S.I.O. ‘Hand-picked psychopath’ agent, assigned to protect the Freemasonic Hierarchies of Satanic Child Abuse Rings in Australia as well as numerous other clandestine Black-ops against an unsuspecting public: (Details to be expanded)
  • I receive an emailed ‘Death threat’ via his Black-ops A.S.I.O. ‘associate’. Bad move. This is one ‘Pedophile Guardian’ that will Never get away. (Details to be expanded)
  • Police and A.S.I.O. Surveillance continues with occasional harassment, particularly whist I am out socializing with friends or family. Many pictures taken by them off me – (as they do) – also by me off them. (Details to be expanded)

Sept 2011 – Dec 2011

  • I campaigned at the anti-CHOGM – ‘Occupy Perth’ event. Over 3 days A.S.I.O. government agents steal around 2000 documents pertaining to clandestine government child abuse and I am constantly under direct personal surveillance by dozens of A.S.I.O. agents. Male and female operatives – many are undoubtedly directly involved in the secret societies satanic pedophile networks. Various agents are assigned to Infiltrate, Gather Information, Harass, Intimidate and Imply Death threats, upon me during my campaign: (Details to be expanded)
  • Created First stage of www.Macpc.org.au Website. Built and uploaded to the net.
  • I sent a letter to W.A. Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan – to obtain CCTV Surveillance footage in Forest Chase during my campaign at the Perth CHOGM weekend, pertaining to Clandestine Government Child Abuse Networks. I request the identification of my personal interaction with around 25 High-level Masonic Elite and A.S.I.O. Government Pedophiles and those who protect them – The ‘Pedophile Guardians’.

Jan 2012 – June 2012

  •  Exactly three months after my first letter, and a virtual Zero response, I sent a second letter to W.A. Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan, to obtain CCTV Surveillance footage in Forest Chase during my campaign at the Perth CHOGM weekend, pertaining to Clandestine Government Child Abuse Networks as well as the identification of my personal interaction of around 25 High-level Masonic Elite and A.S.I.O. Government Pedophiles and those who protect them – The ‘Pedophile Guardians’.
  • Created a 10 stage Plan to enlighten as many off the public as possible in Australia and Scotland on the Masons-Elite Pedophile rings. (Details to be expanded)
  • www.Macpc.org.au was hacked and a Foreign Hate/Terrorist Website put in place by ‘Ikus 4’, a Black-ops Unit of A.S.I.O. (Australian Secret Police – Psychopaths, Murderers and Pedophiles)
  • www.Macpc.org.au rebuilt, updated and Stage 1and 2 has now been implemented.

NOTE: This document will be constantly updated with links to supporting documented evidence and pictures