At long last good men and women bringing down the governments secret
Paedophile networks from the inside!




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Mission Statement
Our mission is to change the approaches to child protection for children in Australia in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, through cultural, political, procedural and legislative reform. We seek to respond to and prevent child sexual abuse through raising educational and cultural public awareness and demanding accountability, and the effective and just management of child sexual abuse including influencing the legal processes so that justice is not only done, but is seen to be done, for the safety and wellbeing of all Australian children.

It is our intention to become the parliamentary voice for all organisations with similar aims and to support other parties who are facilitating law reform and accountability through the organizations that are delivering services to the people affected and, effectively advocate for children’s safety.

This is not a gender issue, it is a Child Protection Issue

We believe that all good men and women will protect their children, at any cost.


Dr Pridgeon said changes had to be made with the Family Court to remove the secrecy surrounding proceedings.
The party will contest the election for senate positions, and has seven candidates across Australia.
Each candidate has their own personal experience of dealing with child abuse.




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My Letter to the Australian Anti-Paedophile Party : 1st July 2016

Thank God for the Anti Paedophile Party!

At long last, survivors, investigators and whistle-blowers of Government Organized Child Abuse and Paedophilia are starting to network together.

Many of us have been working for many years individually in an attempt to try waking up the masses of this brutal Criminal Cult Cabal that secretly exists within our Government systems that are supposed to be protecting us and our children.

I now see the Anti Paedophile Party as the thin end of the wedge that will eventually expose every one of these ‘secret society’ paedophiles within the Police, Justice, Legal System, Politics, Family courts and the ‘So-called’ Child Protection Services.

As an investigator and whistle-blower for the last 16 years, of the ‘Black occult secret society’ paedophiles within these clandestine Government Mechanisms, I have a very deep insight of how it all works and therefore how their underground Satanic Child Abuse Networks of sexual abuse and murder can be destroyed, once and for all.

In a few words, Mass Public Awareness!

Looking forward to working with you all, George Hardy Farquhar

(Peoples Council for the Protection of Children) –

Always Remember – The God of Truth, Justice and Liberty is protecting us all!