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Child Traf...

8,000,000 Babies and Children Worldwide - Including 25,000 in Australia - ‘Go Missing’ (Trafficked) Every Year It Must STOP! - It Will STOP! The Covid 19 (Wuhan Bio-Lab Created) Virus and ‘Forced’ Global Lockdown of the World’s population Scenario, is a Very deceptive ‘False Flag’ Attack upon the Human Race, for far more brutal and sinister [...]


Unbeknown to the Masses of Society – There are numerous covert methodologies that our Freemasonic-run Western Government Agencies use to abuse All Children in All its clandestine forms.
This website is a Cutting-edge Expose’ on the Freemason Elite and the Vatican’s Biggest Secret – Their Pedophile and Blood Sacrifice Agenda.

Did JFK know about the Freemasons Ritual Child Abuse Networks?
Assassinated for his dedication to destroy the Worlds Secret Societies

Kim Beazle...

Kim Edward Beazley was a former Labor Party member of the Australian House of Representatives and Education Minister for 32 years. He is the father of the current Ambassador of Australia to the United States, Kim Christian Beazley – who has previously served as Minister of Defence and attended the Bohemian Grove.

Outrage as...

The book, called ‘Where Do You Come From?’, sparked outrage It features graphic images of a couple called Lisa and Lars having sex One of the cartoon images shows Lisa putting a condom on Lars Parents complained to the Berlin Senate, the city’s governing body German school children as young as five were given a […]

BBC sign l...

The BBC “Children’s program” “Something Special” (SS) is another example of the BBC deliberately using Paedophilic input The main character of the BBC childrens show is Justin Fletcher and his stage persona for the show is Mr Tumble Mr Tumble uses sign language as well as speech in his program Mr Tumble tells the children […]