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Child Traf...

8,000,000 Babies and Children Worldwide - Including 25,000 in Australia - ‘Go Missing’ (Trafficked) Every Year It Must STOP! - It Will STOP! The Covid 19 (Wuhan Bio-Lab Created) Virus and ‘Forced’ Global Lockdown of the World’s population Scenario, is a Very deceptive ‘False Flag’ Attack upon the Human Race, for far more brutal and sinister [...]


Unbeknown to the Masses of Society – There are numerous covert methodologies that our Freemasonic-run Western Government Agencies use to abuse All Children in All its clandestine forms.
This website is a Cutting-edge Expose’ on the Freemason Elite and the Vatican’s Biggest Secret – Their Pedophile and Blood Sacrifice Agenda.

Did JFK know about the Freemasons Ritual Child Abuse Networks?
Assassinated for his dedication to destroy the Worlds Secret Societies


CPS, or Child Protective Services, is involved in child trafficking, providing children for pedophile rings and satanic rituals


Psychosurgery can involve cutting or burning the brain or electrodes can be permanently placed in the brain sending
an electrical current through it, as in the case of deep brain stimulation (DBS). It can cause memory loss, irreversible brain damage, bleeding in the brain and post-operative death.