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The People’s Council for the Protection of Children has been created to Inform All Truth Seekers of Justice and Liberty who are dedicated to fight against and Expose Organized Child Abuse in All its Forms.

Contrary to common illusion by non-Freemasons that Freemasonry is a ‘Gentleman’s Club’ – run for the ‘benefit of society’ –
Nothing could be further from the Truth.

Freemasonry at its very core is Evil and Satanic and All their interlinking Worldwide-web of Witchcraft Secret Societies are in reality – Criminal Cult Cabals
Run by Traitors – Predators – Psychopaths – Murderers and Pedophiles

READ MORE – An Overview of Freemasonic Child Abuse by Design

The Truth ...

Child Abuse by Design
An Overview

The website has being created to inform All Martial Artists and All Warriors of Truth and Justice of the Clandestine Networks of Government Child Abuse in Australia, U.K. and Worldwide.

When we as a society, fully understand the numerous sinister ‘organized crimes’ and covert agendas that are presently being enforced upon our children, then and only then will we be able to truly protect ourselves, our families and our communities.

For us to fully comprehend these brutal atrocities, we must first do our own independent research to see clearly behind the collective pathological lies and deceit within the hierarchies of our corrupt Secret Society Masonic-Elite-run Government Industries.

The Planning, Orchestration and Implementation of these ‘Child Abuse by Design’ Networks and the systematic Cover-ups, includes the collaboration of:

Corrupt Police and Child Protection Services: Corrupt Justice Systems and (anti) Family Courts: Media Dis-information and Truth Blackouts: Pathological-lying-Politicians and corrupt Legislation: Psychiatric Incarceration, Abuse and Poisoning:

However, the Mastermind Hierarchies of these Government Pedophile Rings involves (anti-society) ‘Black-Operation’ Units within our very own Military Intelligence – Secret Services. The S.S.

To keep the ‘Status Quo’ of running these clandestine networks the way they always have, and to make sure the masses of society – ‘Never Find Out’, involves: 24hr Surveillance, Intimidation, Threats, Assaults, Stich-ups, Imprisonment, and Brutal Murders of Whistleblowers and Eye-witnesses.

Knowledge is Power: To Protect Your Children from Harm – Please Inform Yourself

In Truth and Justice, George Hardy Farquhar
Independent Researcher, Investigator, Child Rights Activist


WWW.MACPC.ORG.AU Is an information portal on numerous clandestine government agendas to abuse children individually and en-masse, physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually. To protect your children from harm: Please inform yourself! Unbeknown to the vast majority of the Australian population our corrupt government is presently accelerating a sinister plan implemented decades ago to abuse and harm […]