Black Witchcraft Child Abuse by Design


Freemasonry – A Gentlemens Club
Traitors, Psychopaths, Murders and Paedophiles Welcome

Satan’s Children 60 Minutes Pt 1

Satan’s Children 60 Minutes Pt 2

Important note: Although Freemasonry was not mentioned in this 60 minutes program its an undoubted fact that they were involved.

The Crimes and History of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse

Masonic Run Mass Media’s Cover Up of Breivik’s Freemason Connections
The Two Most Top Secrets of Freemasonry
The Plain Truth Catholicism & Freemasonry
Freemasonry and Satanic Ritual Abuse
Aleister Crowley, 33° Mason and Black Masonry
Black Masonry Devoted to the Knowledge of Evil
Egyptian Mystery Religion and Masonic Lodge
Freemasonry and the Mystery Religions
Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Evidence Surfaces
Satanic Ritual Abuse: A Definition
Egyptian-Masonic-Satanic Connection – Foreword

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The Crimes and History of
Satanic Ritual Child Abuse

David Icke on Satanic Ritual

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