IMPORTANT  NOTE:  14 April 2016

Due to one of Australia’s most dangerous High Level Government Freemason Pedophiles and other unforeseen circumstances, this website has been down off the net for almost one year.

After being exposed on this website for blatantly covering up the VIC Police pedophile rings involving the Mornington Child Care Centre in Melbourne, he was instrumental in bringing this website down, and is presently attempting to sue me for ‘defamation of character’ in the High court of Australia.

As a lone wolf warrior fighting since 2000 against the Freemasonic Pedophile Empire, in Scotland, England and Australia with limited financial backing, I realize I am destined to be stitched up yet again in another Masonic-run kangaroo court trial.

My personal plan is still on track, to be instrumental in making the ‘Freemasonic Pedophile Mafia’ –
Mass Public Knowledge in Australia, and Worldwide.
(Final note: I am a very physically and mentally healthy man,
I have Never been suicidal, and Never intend have a fatal ‘Accident’ or to ‘Go Missing’!)
In Truth, Justice and Liberty, George Hardy Farquhar

 This website is constantly being updated.
More videos, witnesses and victims testimony’s coming soon