GeorgeIMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL MENS ORGANISATION AND OUR ASSOCIATES AND CONTACTS WORLDWIDE Presently ONE of our founder members GEORGE FARQUHAR is being held under the Mental Health Act in a Scottish masonic persecution chamber within an Edinburgh Mental health hospital under the care of a Dr.Crichton, Redwood Ward, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Morningside Terrace, Edinburgh

Any doubts as to WHY George is being held can be found by trying to open his previous site at Project Freedom which redirects any visitor to the propaganda site which compliments itself in trying to force ALL web hosters not to publish anything which will expose their EVIL hold on the worlds media and now trying to impose the same on the NET.

ANGEL city web hosting site must be involved in that redirection and how deeply that involvement goes depends on how quickly they can have web sites removed from any web hosting site.

We can say with certainty that the mass media throughout the world have failed to address the issues of that control and now the same is being applied to STOP exposure on the NET of what can only be described as the biggest conspiracy EVER against humanity . Everything is touched by that EVIL force and none more so than our LEGAL systems which presently prey on our vulnerable and extort multi billion dollar/pounds from us all while abusing our children.

It is a sinister system implicated in the Dunblane massacre and possible cover up of the mass murderer Dr. Harold Shipman . So called professionals who obtain immunity by swearing oaths and allegiances to an evil regime which is deeply imbedded in the government ,,judiciary,police and all government agencies in the UK.

Our member is held by those persecutive forces because they FEAR they are at long last being EXPOSED like never before while they protect mass murderers and child abusers . ALL good people need to make a concerted stand against this evil as we are ALL only one or two steps away from where George is being held . Permanent incarceration in their MASONIC chambers using MENTAL HEALTH to suggest that anyone who attacks their evil system cannot be right in the head. Indeed it is the other way about how they THINK they can deceive the world indefinitely . A free voice and the ability to continue to expose the injustices which flow from that control must be continued without interference in our god given right to EXPOSE those who protect that breathtaking criminality.

Let no one underestimate what is happening here as it makes the Third Reichs ventures in Germany PALE by comparison. Except with a MASS MEDIA cover up who are deeply involved in its protection. Also we believe they have had a show of strength by MARCHING in EDINBURGH on Saturday 9 Aug 2003 during the FRINGE festival the biggest in the world for entertainment . We wonder what SIGN that shows to the world were their bigotry and hatred are openly displayed in the streets at a supposed carnival time. This is the very period which George uses to protest but instead this year remains incarcerated behind those evil persecutive walls.

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