Only for the Brave

Peoples Council for the Protection of Children and the Martial Arts Council for the Protection of Children – was created to inform All Warriors of Child Protection of the reality of clandestine brutal atrocities perpetrated upon innocent children.

These Child Abuse rings are run by the highest levels of those in government who have designed and manipulated our social structure via cunning stealth. They are therefore able to control virtually every single aspect of our life, as well as the brutal control over  our children’s welfare.

Knowledge is Power

The information linked from our website can help to protect children from sexual harm who are under the ‘Care’ of corrupt Masonic-run Government ‘Child Protection Facilities’.

Contrary to mass public illusion – those at the highest levels of government administration Do Not have our best interests at heart.

These Establishment Elite exist toward their own self-seeking and sinister agenda of Power and Control over us all – whatever the cost.

All those at the highest echelons of the Police Force, Child Protection, Justice, Family Courts, Media, Political, Medical and Secret Police arenas are also high level initiates of Freemasonry and other interlinking brotherhood Secret Societies – who are also High level Satanists.

However – Not all High-level Freemasons are Pedophiles.

Not all High-level Satanists are Freemasons.

The Pedophile rings of the inner-circle Echelon Elite are a Secret Society within a Secret Society – Propagating their Child Abuse – via Stealth, Deception and Cover-ups to the public at large – as well as threats, intimidation, violence, imprisonment and murder upon those that ever dare to speak out against them – Victims and whistle-blowers alike.

This is the reason Freemason Child Abusers can have complete protection and autonomy for decades, and only a very small minority are ever brought to public light and possibly some sort of (lip-service) pseudo-justice.

Does this remind you of the Catholic Church?

The Biggest Secret

There are numerous ways these clandestine ‘Star-chamber’ Black-arts Satanic Elite operates to oppress and control society.

However – ultimately the core of their power over us is the fact that All the individuals involved have one Big Secret – Their ritual sexual abuse of children as well as torture and child sacrifice – with total impunity.

This is the Matrix that fuses them all together.

These Black-occult satanic rings of child abuse and child sacrifice have existed for as long as the secret societies have been in existence.

It is the Core of their Power.

It is the Power to Control and Manipulate us all as a society, with stealth and deception at their every whim and command.

To this very day these macabre Establishment child abuse rings exist throughout the world. However – times are changing fast.

Once the secret of their very small minority, along with their victims – the knowledge of these government Elite child abuse rings is now – slowly but surely becoming main-stream throughout society.

The Dangerous Game

It is imperative for All researchers to understand one basic fact – The individuals within the Establishment Elite Pedo-Rings perceive their networks as a game – A very Dangerous game.

They are all narcissistic egomaniacs who have always believed that they can rape, torture and murder children with absolute impunity.

Not Any More! Where they were once strong – they are now becoming fallible and weak.

Where they once ruled by a stealthy terror – many of them are now experiencing terror themselves.

The terror of the consequences of their Evil and Sadistic Barbarism against us all – and especially the brutalities upon our children – by becoming publically exposed en- masse.

Their Biggest Secret is a secret no more. Their Greatest strength is Now their weakest link.

These worldwide masonic-elite pedo-rings are destined to be completely and utterly destroyed once and for all. It is only a matter of time.

The Protection of Children is Paramount

In the meantime, the protection of children within these government facilities, run by Elite Secret-society Satanists is paramount.

Remember – It cannot be left up to the Masonic-Police Force and Masonic-Child Protection Agencies to protect any child. At the highest Echelons of these corporations, they are totally involved in the abuse rings.

At the lower levels of these same agencies, Masons and non-masons alike just have to do exactly what they are told to do, without question – otherwise – out of a job.

That is how it works.

It will stop. How and when these highly organized Government Child abuse networks stops is up to you, me and everyone that can make a difference by taking direct action – to protect those who are under threat.

This will be the first step toward the Total obliteration of these rings – Worldwide.

Toward the safety and wellbeing of All children and the obliteration of the governments clandestine Child Abuse Networks – Please research and become informed.

Then and only then – will All children be safe from harm.

In Truth and Justice, George Hardy Farquhar.

Footnote: For those who find it difficult to conceive the facts contained within this website:

Not so long ago the masses of society were quite unaware of the mass of worldwide organised child sexual abuse
and cover-ups within the
Secret-Society based Catholic church

One day – in the not too distant future the same Truths will become completely un-veiled about the secret agenda of the Freemasonic-Elite

Ignorance is Weak – Knowledge and Action is Strength