As a victim and survivor of an elite, organized child prostitution and child pornography network that operates in the State of Victoria, Australia, I am writing this correspondence anonymously. The reason for not attaching my name to this document is that even now my life/safety is very possibly threatened. Previously I have had to change my identity and move inter-state to ensure my safety.

Currently, two prominent anti-pedophile activists in this country are both aware and supportive of my testimony. I therefore feel encouraged to voice my experiences in the hope that organized child prostitution and child pornography in the State of Victoria is afforded a heightened public awareness, contrary to the wishes of some of the State¹s politicians and senior law enforcement officials.

Child prostitution and child pornography certainly does exist in the State of Victoria, Australia. From my own experience, I have seen that the network is highly organized and lucrative, with very powerful Australian people involved as child sex offenders. The existence of this child pornography and pedophile ring operates under the protection of senior-ranking members of the Victorian Police.

I would like to describe a particular example of the police corruption that I observed to protect this despicable industry. As a young child, prominent Australian businessmen, television personalities, and politicians (to name a few) sought various ways to ensure that I never impart to anybody details of their ultra-secret network. One particular subversive technique was for police officers to come to the front door of my residence.

Upon an adult victim of this network opening the door, the detectives would inquire after the main male sexual offender of the house, asking questions under the guise of investigating a particular crime of which this perpetrator was suspect (he is a known criminal). Forced into submission by the pedophile ring¹s threats and warnings, the adult informed the police that the man they were after had left the house, saying his whereabouts were unknown. The policemen very convincingly tried to urge the adult victim of their trustworthiness, yet the invitation was declined and after some more attempted coercion the door was closed in front of them.

The policemen turned away, and made a move to depart down the front steps when the child sex offender came out from near to us where he had been hiding. To my complete shock and amazement, he swung open the door and in pure daylight called out, inviting the Officers back in. Whereupon the visitors, slapping this man on the back, with complete mate-ship called him by his first name and happily partook of his company for some time.

Such deception headed by Victoria police well and truly taught me that I could never disclose my own experiences. Though I was raped for half a decade by multiple perpetrators almost on a daily basis I never disclosed my story.

Due to a unique set of circumstances, as an adult I became relatively free of the networks¹ grasp. I sought to try and forget my past, and attempted to move on with my life in a way meaningful to me.

Having endeavored to try and live a normal life, it was in my mid-twenties that I became aware that other victims of this child pedophile and pornography network went to the specialist police unit and provided information, but that investigation was highly suspicious at best. I also became involved in this transaction of information to Victorian police, and was basically intimidated by one of the investigating officers and did not proceed out of fear.

The information that was imparted to the specialist police unit included an overview of how the network operates, including its use of drugs and violence. The police were informed that the main purpose of the network is to provide a forum for sexual abuse of children.

Another main function is to produce and distribute XXX child pornography. The pornography takes the form of magazines, videos and still photographs and from my own experience I saw a great demand in Victoria for this type of sickening material. I was very often drugged as the perpetrators strategically commented that in the unlikely instance that their secret became exposed, my testimony would never stand up in court.

There were numerous other children forcibly involved to act as prostitutes with this network, boys and girls, ranging from the age of 2 to 14 years of age.

As a young child my knowledge of police-protected child sex greatly affected my life growing up, and does to this day. My sense of trust is shattered, I do not believe that institutions such as the Law or the Police are truly in place to protect victims of Australia¹s heinous child-sex industry.

I am determined to get justice, yet I do not know what form my idea of justice will take. Justice is very difficult to determine with senior members of the Victorian police being corrupt and so protective over the child prostitution and pornography trade within their State.

I am keen for awareness of Victoria’s significant child-sex abuse issues to become publicly heightened; it is my belief that from a grass-roots level this terrible farce may become exposed. Though those closest to me are fearful for my life, I find it necessary to keep aspiring towards justice because it is the only way to continue to make improvements in society.

It is important that readers of this document do acknowledge that there are children who are currently living in the same nightmare I was once trapped in. Child welfare advocates, honest police officers, ethical members of the community and all others with a desire to expose this network need to work towards creating a climate that makes it safe enough for past-victims (survivors) to speak out about their appalling degree of sexual victimization. Only in this way, will the reality of the situation be finally acknowledged, and the children who are currently trapped may have some hope, at least in being set free.

I have taken the initiative to have a trusted professional read this and verify in a Statutory Declaration that to the person’s knowledge it is certainly I who has written this document.

Previously, anti-pedophile activist Dr. Reina Michaelson has brought much of the information contained in this document to senior members of the Victorian Police, calling for a Royal Commission into police corruption surrounding this child prostitution and pornography network. From Gary Hughes¹ recent articles in The Age newspaper (5th April, 6th April, 19th April), I have observed with dismay the manner in which authorities have treated details of Victoria¹s organized child-sex network, presented to them by a professional, national award-winning activist. It should be clear by now why a common person such as I have no faith that law enforcement would (and they have shown me that they haven’t) taken my experience and my own information seriously.

For some time, VicPol has denied that a record even exists of independent witness reports of this organized pedophile and pornography network. After some amount of pressure a senior police officer finally assents that such knowledge has been presented from several witnesses to specialist police.

I hope that this document raises some serious questions for the people who read it. I ask you with empathy to put yourself in my shoes. I have come to a point in my life where I feel I have two choices: 1. Go on with my life, and try to exist in the best way possible keeping hidden the information of police corruption in my possession, or, 2. Engage in social action to help expose the hideous, child-abusing network that has wrecked my life. With valid concern for my safety I have chosen the second option. I hope that that people who read this document will be inspired and informed by my brave decision and join the small but committed chorus now calling for a Royal Commission in the State of Victoria surrounding the existence of an elite, organized child prostitution and child pornography network.

I just hope that there are other people who might help make me, other past-victims and survivors and- importantly- the children who are being currently abused- restore at least some faith in the society that has cruelly used us and denied our experiences for far too long.

In this country, it is people like me who have grown up in a war. The terrorists who forced us into child prostitution include senior members of the Victorian Police Force, and this is why I now ask you for a Royal Commission.

Yours sincerely,

Angela Bellator


In the event of my death, disapperance or any unforseen accident/s, please make it very clear to the media, and everyone else concerned, that I am NOT suicidal, and that I will never, under any circumstances, take my own life. Could you please make it known to the media, and everyone else concerned, that after I made public my experiences as a child victim of an Australian child pornography/pedophile ring and the active Victorian police involvement in this ring, that I held fears I would be murdered. Specifically, I held fears that I would be murdered in such a way as that it would be set up to look like a suicide or an “accident” when in fact I was murdered due to my involvement in exposing the existence of the high-level child pornography/pedophile ring and the Victorian police’s active involvement in it.

Further, I hold fears for the safety of my immediate family, and in the event of their or my own death, disappearance or any unforseen accident/s, I wish to make it very clear that we were involved as child-victims and witnesses of an elite, child-abusing network which includes senior police officers who have threatened our lives in several instances if we were to ever disclose our information to the media or authorities.

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