Once a suitable victim becomes ‘available’ within the lower echelons of the ‘community public services’, the Illuminati will start the step by step process to kidnap that child into the rings.

This is NOT a theory. Please Research some of the Facts:

Below are just some of the main methodologies of how the Masonic Elite infiltrate Children into their Satanic Pedophile Cult Networks around the World

Method 1

A child who has already been abused/ traumatized either within or out with the family home are taken into Child Care ‘Facilities’. Sexually traumatized children are perfect targets for the Illuminati as they are already ‘primed’ for further ritual abuse and to ‘compartmentalize’ their minds.

Method 2

The (Anti) – Family court in child disputes will systematically in many cases award the child to the least capable parent and at the same time alienate the other parent as an unfit, (mother or father). The main agenda for this? To destroy the family unit and to split parents and children apart. Where do the children go if the court decides both Parents are unfit to care for their children?

Government Child Protection Services. HOW CONVEINIENT!

It works very well – Just ask anyone who has had to endure the Deception, Arrogance, Corruption and Evil Wrath of the Anti- Family court!

Documentations on Method 2

Katherine’s Story: Police Protecting High Level Mason Pedophile Father

Method 3

Military intelligence, (A.S.I.O. in Australia) – (MI5 in the U.K.) infiltrate outreach groups and care center’s to groom older children for their pedophile Hierarchy. I have personally encountered some of those Parasites, (A.S.I.O. black-ops agents). I do not believe they are themselves necessarily Pedophiles.

They are who I call the ‘Illuminati Pedophile Guardians’. They are normally ex-military who are hand-picked psychopaths and who have no qualms whatsoever on killing innocent people or Kidnapping kids……For a price. Now there is a very good reason why homeless kids can sometimes go ‘missing’ – never to be seen again.

Documentations on Method 3 coming soon

Method 4

Child Kidnapping – off the street. (Via the same Predators as Method 3). Some are never to be seen again (murdered) and others turn up years later who have been infiltrated into the Illuminati as Sex-slaves.

Documentations on Method 4 coming soon

CIA’s child trafficking (part 1)

Method 5

Some High level masons use their own children for the abuse. This assures the mason higher levels of masonic initiation as well as complete protection from all those involved at the top

Documentations on Method 5

Hollie Greig Case – Sexually abused by more than 20 Scottish Secret society Pedophiles from the age of 6. One whistlblower stitched-up and jailed. One witness murdered. Top cops and Justice involved in the abuse as well as the cover-up.

Katherine’s Story: Police Protecting High Level Mason Pedophile Father

Method 6 – The Most Fundamental Strategy (As in Part 1)

The Infiltration of High level mason Pedophiles to ‘Manage’ Child Care Center’s, Children’s homes and Boys clubs.
Abuse rings are then set up for fellow satanic cult Elite Freemasons

Documentations on Method 6

McKenna Brothers – Citizen of the year Serial Pedophile and Satanist – Perth Secret Societies and Police Protected for 15 years. The Inquest (Cover-up) continues

Victorian – Mornington Child Care Centre. Children kidnaped from ‘care’, taken to a house owned by a cop, where they were systematically abused by Police and Judges. Video footage of the abuse that was given to the Police went ‘missing’ (Destroyed).

North Wales – The Biggest Masonic Elite Paedophile Bust in UK history Involving – Top level Police, Judges, Politicians, over a 20 year period. Around 1200 Children involved and 650 perpetrators named. 4 pedophiles jailed. Also the biggest Masonic Pedophile ring cover-up in UK history.

Franklin Cover-up. The Expose’ of a massive Boys Home pedophile rings in the U.S. Involving Top Whitehouse Politicians and ‘Bohemian Grove’ perpetrators.

Full Length documentary available

Detruex Satanic Pedophile rings of Dungeon imprisonment, torture, and the mass murder of young children. This case is fraught with Police Incompetence, (Compliance). Cover-up after cover up and dozens of key witnesses assassinated

McMartian Child Care Centre Pedophile Ring. U.S. Secret Society Systematic abuse and cover-ups.

Dumblain Massacre – Thomas Hamilton – Mason pedophile killed 16 children
Associated with high level cops and a procurer of children for the Masons Pedophile rings In Scotland

The above are just some of the many Masonic Elite – Illuminati Child Abuse cases around the world and the reason why I say:




 Masonic Child Abuse by Design – A Blueprint – Part 1