I am under constant Surveillance Harassment – Intimidation’s

Attempted ‘Stitch-ups and Death Threats by

The W.A. Police as well as A.S.I.O. Black-ops agents.

This is due to my investigations and actions to publically expose High-level Masonic Black-Occult Pedophile Rings in Australia

I have in my possession a number of Photos of these High–level

Government Pedophiles and those who protect them

– the ‘Pedophile Police’

Any information on their whereabouts as well as

Other personal details will be appreciated – especially by all the children who have been and are presently being Abused, Tortured and Murdered within these Networks

Details of Surveillance Operatives Wanted

  • Name
  • Address
  • Who do they work for and at what level?
  • Do they belong to any Secret Society?
  • If so – what level?
  • Do they have any personal involvement whatsoever – or are they associated with anyone in the ‘care and protection’ of children?

George Hardy Farquhar

(Independent Government Child Abuse Researcher – Investigator – Activist)