A Very Brief Overview

In February 1994 I was targeted in Scotland by MI5, using ‘Psychotronic Warfare’ Technology in a MK Ultra Mind Control Experiment, along with ‘Gang-stalking’.  This realization leads me to research Secret Government Black-ops technology and Agendas.

I found that the ‘Deep State’ within Military ‘Top Secret’ organisations are inextricably linked to the Freemasons Black-occult Child Abuse Agendas.

The Freemason Elite are Globally Trafficking Millions of Children every year in numerous ways including the ‘Legal’ kidnapping through the Family Courts, using Freemason Pedophile Judges and Lawyers and the so-called, ‘Child Protection Services’ (C.P.S.)

Many of the children are ritually sexually abused prior to being Tortured and Murdered as a Sacrifice to the Masons Demonic/Luciferin/ Satanic ‘Gods’.

I have been exposing these Evil Masonic agendas online and publically campaigning to help bring mass awareness of these crimes, since 1998.

To Conclude – I have been under surveillance now for 22 years, by hundreds of these Freemason Pedophile Police, in Scotland, England and Australia. I have also been physically attacked and assaulted by Undercover and Uniformed Police. They have attempted to ‘stich me up’ as a pedophile and with drugs. They have threatened me with my life and I have been arrested and imprisoned numerous times for up to several months at a time. During incarceration, I was consistently Injected by force with a Highly Toxic Chemical-cosh and told – “We want to Change Your Thinking”.

The following pics are just a few of these Elite Police Protected Pedophiles and those who protect them.

They are ALL to be Arrested Imminently, by ‘White Hat’ Military Personnel, Tried in a Military court and Executed at a Military Base. In Australia alone, there are thousands of these Masonic Child Traffickers and Killers. NONE will Escape.

George Hardy Farquhar – Whistle-blower

(Son of a Freemason Psychopath)

If you have any information whatsoever on these Child Predators, Please call George on: 0424 399 296

Any Relevant Info will be passed on to POTUS and his Pedophile Task Force Team